Pakistan Plane Crash: Two Survivors

World Grigory Matyunin 22-May-2020
Pakistan International Airlines
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A Pakistan International Airlines domestic flight crashed as it was about to land at Jinnah International Airport. Over one hundred people, passengers and crew, were aboard and two miraculously survived the crash.

The pilot had issued a mayday call and reported losing power in both engines moments before the Airbus A320 crashed into a residential area in the Model Colony district. The crash damaged up to 20 houses. Previously, the plane had attempted to land unsuccessfully due to a technical fault and then did another circle to try again.

Zafar Masud, president of the Bank of Punjab, was among the two people currently known to have survived the crash. The other was Muhammad Zubair. Both are presently receiving hospital treatment. It is currently uncertain whether there may be any further survivor.

The crash has taken place only days after the resumption of domestic flights when the coronavirus lockdown was eased. Many of the travellers would have been returning home to celebrate Eid.

The plane first entered service with China Eastern Airlines and entered the PIA’s fleet a decade later. Its most recent government check took place in November 2019.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared that a full investigation will be conducted.