Part-time work: How to handle personal life and career?

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part-time work

For most of us, a part-time work means comfort. People think full control of the day rests with a part-time employee. This job entitles the part-timer to do as he pleases. The stress, busyness, etc. in the middle of the week does not have much effect on his life. But this idea is completely wrong!

What a part-time worker has to handle

Studies have shown that part-time work can give you a lot more stress and anxiety than full-time work. Even, sometimes a part-time worker does a lot more work than a full-time worker.

Also, since a part-timer usually works from home, most of the time he has to handle professional work along with homework. Some even study with a job again. It can also be difficult for a part-time worker to handle homework or study and professional work. After overcoming all those complications, he has to submit the work to the client.

Seen that way, a part-time worker is actually forced to do multi-tasking. And who doesn’t know how mentally tedious multi-tasking really is!

A special mental change and formation are required to work part-time with studies or just like that. And that change of mood applies not only to the worker, but also to his family, people to him, and even to his employer or client. Everyone must first understand that part-time work is as easy as it sounds, in reality, the opposite is true.

So, in this case, giving yourself time and space is very necessary. At the same time, keep in mind how much one will assign oneself to a role.

Currently, the demand for part-time working or freelancing is high. Freelancing can be easily done if you have a laptop and a proper internet connection. But, since the matter is not easy, here are some tips for part-time workers.

Separate part-time work and other things completely

1. First of all, a freelancer or part-time worker requires his own work station or workplace. Make your own workspace at home. It will be very good if it is your study room, library, or any secluded room where you can handle your professional world with attention.

2. Talking to others at home about how important your job is, even if you don’t go to the office. So, when you are called to homework, you will not be able to participate. You are handling professional work while you are in your workspace. That time is equal to being in the office.

3. When you leave the workspace after finishing certain tasks every day, do not have any professional thoughts in your head. Remember, just as you are told to leave the office, so you leave your professional work at home. When professional and personal space merges, there will be tension about intimacy.

4. After leaving the workspace, you should not answer the phone, mail, or message related to work at all. Remember, there is a life beyond your professional life. Try to pay attention to that.

5. Try to manage everything in the house properly, just like you manage everything in your career. You see, positive vibes are leading you to success from both sides.

Part-time work management

The biggest challenge of freelancing or part-time work is to be ready to do different things. Usually, full-time workers work in a particular field, but part-time workers have to be versatile. For this reason, time management is very important for part-time workers.

1. Try to go to bed at a certain time and wake up at a certain time. If the sleep routine is right, you will be able to manage your work in a healthy way and easily. Our beloved Prophet (saw) was in favor of waking up early. The Prophet (saw) also prayed, “O Allah, bless the beginning of the day for my Ummah.”

In another hadith, the beloved Prophet (saw) said, “Seek earnings in the morning! Because the morning is a good time to be blessed and successful.”

2. Plan small tasks the night before. This will allow you to start working easily.

3. You can easily start and finish the next day’s work if you keep a to-do list in a notebook or notepad the day before. This will reduce your time loss.

4. Work in unison. Multi-tasking causes mental fatigue. At the same time, it is distracting. So, always try to complete one task at a time. Remember, doing a lot of things together is only successful when the tasks are the same or work that doesn’t require special attention.

5. Don’t be lazy. You have time, so you start working late or work for a long time, but the value of your work will fall. Remember, no task is small. So all the work has to be done with great care, attention, and responsibility.

Hope this article is helpful for part-time workers to handle their personal life and career.

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