Poems of Imam Shafi (RA)

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Imam al-Razi prayer
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Imam Shafi is a well-known scholar. His surname is Abu Abdullah. He was born in 150 A.H. There is a Diwan called Diwan e Imam Shafi. Its poems are worth reading.

1. Poetry in Arab Society

Arabs had to vary exceptional poets in every age. Their literature is very rich in poetry. Arabs used to record history in poetry. Poetry was the only heritage they had. Some Arabs were very proud of their poetry. Arabs, as all know Prophet PBUH was accused of being a poet. Among the companions of the Prophet, PBUH Hassan Ibn Sabit R.A. was very famous. He often used to reply non-believers via poetry.

2. Imam Shafi Poetry

He had his view of poems because He R.A. said about poems that “A poem is the type of words that are arranged. Some are good, and some are bad.” His most poems are focused on wisdom, guidance, and advice, which he summarized simply. His poems are often short and are easy to understand. One should read his poetry; he has discussed every aspect of human life.

3. Beauty in poetry

The beauty of poetry becomes significant when every verb in the phrase is used differently according to the purpose and khita (Speech). One can notice high aesthetic values in his poetry; he was an authorized scholar of Arabic. He had a strong grip on the Arabic language, and he was considered as an authority, his experiences in life is also a major factor that compelled Imam Shafi to deliver a very nice piece of poetry.

Now reading some of his poetry

4. Let the days go forth

Imam Shafi in this poem says that let the days go forth and do as they please, and remain firm when settled is the decree; don’t be afraid of what happens by night; for the affairs of this world are not to be last; and be a man, strong in the face of calamities. One can watch how Imam Shafi experienced life; he told us to stay firm in every situation because life is full of struggles.

5. Smile

Imam Shafi to his audiences said that I laughed, and they said, “Why don’t you smile”? Imam Shafi responds that I smiled, and they said, “it is showing off”.He then adds that I frowned, and they said I started showing my true colors. The pet says that I was silent, and they said I had a feeble tongue; when I spoke, they said I was too talkative.

6. They called it cowardice

Imam Shafi pointing towards them, they called it cowardice and said, had I been brave, I would have taken revenge, when I showed up some courage, they said it was rash and reckless. I wouldn’t have behaved so, and If I were balanced when I said no, they considered me odd when I agreed with them, they called me a blind follower. Imam Shafi here says that people will never be pleased with you.


In a nutshell, Imam Shafi had a tremendous life experience, which is clearly visible through his poems. The way he explains his experience in his poems is phenomenal.