Professor labels U.K.’s Stonehenge as similar to Turkey’s Thracian dolmens

Uncategorized Faizah Kamal 13-Dec-2019

The U.K.’s landmark Stonehenge is not the only one of its kind in the world, according to Prof. Dr. Engin Beksaç, an art history professor. He described how the dolmens in Turkey’s Thracian provinces have many functional similarities with the Stonehenge.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Prof. Dr. Engin Beksaç said research shows that the Thracian dolmens’ history dates back nearly 3,500 years.

“Thracian dolmens have functional similarities with Stonehenge. Both monuments have similar principles. With Stonehenge, an archeoastronomical connection can be made, but it is a different temple. [Dolmens] have the same principles as well,” explained Beksaç.

He also added that although both monuments have functional similarities, they have differences in their qualifications and purpose.