Proper time management and five lessons from Quran

Education Tamalika Basu

Most people in the community will tell you that learning proper time management will reduce your stress, keep you from getting lazy, expand your opportunities, give you more success in your career and so on.

These factors are also important for a Muslim, but they are not the main purpose.

The primary and main reason why a Muslim manages his time properly is that he wants success in the Hereafter.

The purpose of time management for him is to spend time effectively through activities that bring him closer to his main goal.

And the ultimate goal for a believer is to inherit the highest level of Paradise, Jannatul Firdaus. All his other goals revolve around this ultimate goal.

The Qur’an contains full teachings on how to manage time in this world. Here are some lessons in the light of Surah Al-Mu’minun.

1) Salah – the foundation of proper time management

Surah Al-Mu’minun begins with a description of some of the virtues of the believers. Interestingly, this list of virtues begins with Salah and also ends with Salah. And the rest of the qualities are discussed in between. Verse 2 mentions maintaining khushu (humble and modest) in prayer. Again, in verse 9, you are told to be the ‘Hafiz’ of the prayers. That is, to be the preserver, which means to perform all the prayers within the prescribed time.

A true believer prays five times a day, no matter where he is or in what condition he is. Even if he is in the ICU in a semi-paralyzed state and his intellect is restored and he is able to shake his head, he still has to perform the prayers within the stipulated time. Thus, time management for a believer is prayer-centric. They are like pillars around which one should arrange the rest of his life.

If the prayers are performed in a proper manner, it also lightens the mind and creates a kind of stimulus within a busy day. It also makes it easier to use time properly.

2) Goal setting for time management

“Did you think that I had created you in vain and that you would not return to Me?” (Qur’an 23: 115)

In fact, success and failure will be measured on the Day of Resurrection by a scale that will weigh all the good and bad in our lives. This weight of time will decide whether we will reach Paradise or be the fuel of Hellfire.

So, keep this goal in mind when setting your goals.

3) Consciousness to perform work on an urgent basis

If we compare the limited amount of time in this world with the life of the Hereafter, we will realize that we have been sent to this world for a very short time.

In this Surah, Allah gives us examples of different nations who were destroyed for their disbelief, arrogance and denial of resurrection. When they will be asked about how long they stayed on earth on the Day of Resurrection, they will answer:

“One day or part of a day” (Al-Qur’an-23: 112)

At the time of death, the disbelievers will ask Allah to give them a second chance to come to earth and they will have a good time. However, this request will not be accepted because the time is up and they will not get any extra time.

Believers, on the other hand, are one step ahead in this regard. They firmly believe in the accountability of the day of judgement. So they run towards good deeds and try to outdo everyone else.

4) Avoiding time-wasters

The general condition of the believers is that they avoid wasting time. They are also instructed to stay away from things that distract them from their goal. And one of them is spending time with those who waste time.

On the other hand, the disbelievers spend their time in evil deeds. A large part of their time is spent making fun of others.

In the Hereafter, those who make friends with the wise and avoid wasting time will be successful.

5) Understanding the concept of Barakah

Allah is the owner of time. So you can evaluate the time when Allah will bless you. So we have to pray to Allah for the blessing of time.

Remember that, Allah owns time (23:80), and He can extend or constrict if for you as He chooses. Remembering this, your time can also become full of Barakah (blessing). To make your time blessed, obey the One who controls it.

May Allah grant us Tawfiq for proper time management and grant us success in this worldly life and in the Hereafter.

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