Proton Unveils New Logo

Proton Holdings Bhd, Malaysia’s leading automotive company has revamped its corporate identity by unveiling a new logo and tagline that coincides with the company’s embarkment on a new chapter to transform the company into a global and modern automotive brand.

The new logo isn’t a huge leap from the previous one but retains its icon, the tiger. The new design drops the former outer shield as a sign to ‘free’ the tiger but maintains it in a circular emblem. With different levels of shading added, the tiger head now looks bolder than before, symbolising its move towards success.

“The (tiger) icon is most synonymous with not just the company but for us Malaysians. It is the pride of the nation, it is the pride of Proton.

Some of the significant values that the tiger represents are strength, agility, courage and pride.

“Together, we need to keep moving forward, but to be international, the tiger has to be free. It has to be uncaged,” said Azlan Othman, the Chief Designer of Proton Design.

Proton’s CEO, Dr. Li Chunrong said: “For us, branding goes beyond our logo, tagline or colours. It’s about what our company stands for and is known for; it’s our company’s commitment to our consumers.”

Dr. Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer, PROTON Holdings Berhad, speaking at the press conference at PROTON: The Next Chapter.

The company’s new tagline ‘Inspiring Connections’ encapsulates the brand’s aspiration utilising technology and mobility to help make human connections that inspired a successful life. It is driven by three core values and they are innovative technology, reliability and international.

Innovative technology means Proton’s commitment to equip its products with the most innovative technology available, reliability reflects Proton’s commitment to improve the quality of its products through the adoption of global standards and best practices and international signals its ambition to become a global brand and to be one of the top three automotive manufacturer in the ASEAN region.

Prior to the addition to Proton’s logo family, there have been about 5 logos illuminated since the introduction of the Proton Saga in 1985. The logos back then incorporated the yellow star and moon, elements found on Malaysia’s flag.

It was not until the year 2000 that the company revamped its logo with a fresh new look and introduced the tiger, the striped predator that became Malaysia’s pride. In 2008 and 2016, the logo went through more face lifts, resulting in a bolder outlook, quite similar to the latest iteration of the beast.

(Snapshot taken from Proton’s website)