Proudly Endorsing Covid-19 Emergency Relief Response for Malaysia

Charity Right Malaysia

Sadaqah means doing good while asking nothing in return. SalamSadaqah, an affiliate of SalamToday, seeks to remind Muslims that charity is a central tenet of Islam.

SalamSadaqah is proud to endorse Charity Right Malaysia in its campaign to support the most vulnerable members of society at this unprecedented time.

Covid-19 is the most serious health emergency in all of our lives. The number of cases worldwide has surpassed 1.5m and the number of deaths stands at nearly 100,000. Unemployment has soared worldwide as businesses have been forced to close their doors.

The global pandemic has affected the lives of most of us, however, some will be hit particularly hard. Healthcare workers have no option of isolating in their homes. Older generations are especially vulnerable to infection. The financial burdens of economically disadvantaged families will be exacerbated by the lockdowns.

Charity Right Malaysia will seek to ameliorate the lives of those who would otherwise be overwhelmed by the crisis. It will provide vulnerable people and their families with food boxes, each box capable of feeding up to four people.

Each box will cost RM 150.

SalamSadaqah, is pleased  to be supporting the campaign in collaboration with Global Sadaqah.

Please support the campaign at: