Punctuality: The virtue which saves everything

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Since we were kids, someone else has been controlling our timeliness. Our parents helped us to carry out our everyday. So, our punctuality was their responsibility. After that, we grew older. We gained some of our independence. We became independent to decide what would we do with our time. Allah has given 24 hours to all of us, it is our decision how to use it. But as we are women, we had to use that time as per our familial demand. We build and unite a family, we were taught that most of our time would be spending on it.

Matter of fact, many of us got married. As a consequence, the control over their time along with the hours in their day is not necessarily their own. Either it is reporting to work by a certain time, preparing breakfast for the family, dropping children off to school or prayers… each of these tasks require you to have something done by a certain time. And these requirements are fulfilled by the greatest virtue of punctuality.

Mastering the punctuality

One of the toughest habits in life is to master the habit of punctuality. We can juggle everything life throws at us, our profession, children, marriage. But when it comes to handling everything in a timely manner, some of us fail.

Why are that most of we are habitually late, not just for work, but in many other aspects of our lives?

Also, how can we master punctuality as the women of the house to break this cycle of laziness and irksome tardiness?

Practice punctuality in everything

Tardiness is a vice and it pushes us back in our lives. To get rid of it at first we should practice punctuality in everything we do. We should incorporate timeliness in every bit of our daily activities. Be it getting groceries from the market to submitting assignments, we should give ourselves a deadline. Trust me, a lot will be benefited from our little promptness.

Punctuality inflicts reliability in relationships

Timing is the key for any relationship. However, we have a tendency to take our close relationships for granted. We build them assuming they will last without any upkeep. As women, we should remember that this is not the case. We have to work regularly and consistently to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Therefore, being punctual helps in this matter. For example, you have

promised your mother in law that you will take her for a medical check-up. If you reach late, she will be upset. She even may think that you are not paying her proper attention. Hence, a misunderstanding will arise.

Another example we might say that you and your spouse had a disagreement. If it was your fault and you procrastinate to apologise, it will inflict negativity on the relationship. Punctuality is one of the best ways to abate any long term problems.

Our beloved Prophet( SAW) said, “There should be no breaking off of ties, no turning away from one another, no hating one another, and no envying one another. Be brothers (and sisters), as Allah has commanded you.” [Muslim]

Performing our daily responsibilities regularly

This is the most common laziness which makes us guilty. It is called, the ‘I will do it later’ attitude. This begins the procrastination in our jobs, from small to bigger ones. For example, we keep piling up the used dishes in the sink and think that we would wash those later. But in reality, it never works that way. This is not at all a healthy habit! Instead of procrastination, we can actually perform our daily activities in time. Trust me, it will provide us a lot of time for our own selves. Also, promptness leads to consistency. Consistency leads to healthy habits. Healthy habits yield healthy human beings.

Worshipping timely

As Muslim women, we should not let anything prevent us from worshipping almighty Allah punctually. We should begin our days with the prayer of Fajr. It is the most important activity of the day.

The Prophet (SAW) was asked “What deed is most beloved by Allah?. And he answered, “To offer each prayer as soon as it is due.”

Along with prayer, the Duaa is also an important form of worship for which timeliness is an integral factor. For example, Tawbah should be offered at the right time for proper benefits. Zakah is another prayer, for which punctuality is everything.

Therefore, we can say, punctuality is the greatest practice which will benefit us in our daily lives. Moreover, it will help us to be the true Muslim which will lead us to Allah’s proximity.

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