Ramadan habits: Teach your kids to adopt them

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Ramadan Habits
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Ramadan habits are never an outcome of a day’s work. Rather, a habit needs extra patience and effort in order to be an inseparable part of our lives. When nurturing a child, installing Ramadan rituals in their lives needs training and cultivation from their early years. With Ramadan just starting, parents need to start the journey now to reach their destination. It is not an easy, nor a tough process, since children will end up performing the rituals with no deep soul connection. Therefore, creative and light ways are what’s needed to include Islamic virtuals into your children’s lives.

Here are a couple of ways to make this holy month special for your kids

What are Ramadan Habits?

Ramadan habits need to be explained well and clear to your kids before the Holy month starts. As a parent, you will have to clarify in a simple way to your kids the importance of Ramadan and the main Islamic rituals. Suggest new ways to perform these Ramadan nights, or directly ask your children’s opinion on what they want to do for this month. Through discussions and simple one-to-one conversations, your children will feel expressive, and in return, more engaged in planning.

Show excitement

There are several ways to express your excitement and enthusiasm for Ramadan in front of your kids. They need to feel happy and comfortable towards the holy month. For instance, decorate your house with cheerful lights, banners, and colorful balloons. This will make your child link Ramadan habits with joy, cooperation, and family-knit. You might ask your children to suggest new decoration ideas, or maybe to try handmade decorations to make them feel more involved in the process.

Read about Ramadan

To show the importance of this month, you can rely on reading stories about Ramadan to your kids. Try to use Prophet’s hadiths to explain the true essence and the great value of such a month. Encourage them by mentioning that their good acts are multiplied. Another way to seek is to describe Ramadan habits when you were young.

By doing so, your kids will relate and feel more connected to your stories. As their role model, they will try to imitate their parent’s actions when they were their age.

Schedule a calendar

As a family, try to sit and plan ahead all together on how to use this month effectively to achieve all Ramadan tasks. For instance, plan when tasks like praying, reciting Quran, giving Sadaqah, and Taraweeh prayers are going to be fulfilled during the day. Each member of your family should motivate one another and keep a light vibe. For more involvement in Ramadan habits by your kids, promise them a great reward when they finish their daily planned tasks.

Pray together

Another way to make praying a joyful Ramadan habit, and even after Ramadan, is to do it all together. There is nothing better than congregational praying. Take your kids to a mosque for Tahajjud/Taraweeh prayers where the entire family participates. For extra, ask them to practice Sadaqah when they finish their prayers. The act is not solely related to financial help, but it could be sharing food and clothes. And during these tasks, remind them of the reward and the importance of their acts to worship Allah.


(Written by Yara Lotfy)

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