Ramadan Planner: How to adorn this year’s Ramadan (Part 2)

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Ramadan planner

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Holy Ramadan is knocking on our door in glory with the great message of forgiveness, ending the wait of the believers. As the reward for every act of worship increases manifold in this month, Ramadan also brings an opportunity to redefine one’s life by giving up all sins. This month of Ramadan is also a great opportunity to get rid of the things that are forbidden in Islamic law and to practice the prescribed things. Some of the plans for forgiveness and good fortune by using every moment of this month of Ramadan have been discussed in the previous article. Below are some more plans in this regard-

Ramadan Planner : More supererogatory worship in Ramadan

You also have to plan for Taraweeh, Tahajjud, charity, etc. in Ramadan. This plan will help you to avoid laziness. Since many people pay Zakat this month, if Zakat is obligatory on you, then you can plan in advance for the calculation and distribution of Zakat.

A special virtue of Ramadan is that one obligatory worship in this month is equal to seventy obligatory worship and one supererogatory worship is equal to one obligatory worship. It is important for each of us to be enthusiastic in accepting this special offer of Allah Almighty. Besides, it is very easy to perform Tahajjud prayers this month due to Sahri. But at this time many people do not get a chance to perform Tahajjud due to the busyness of Sahri’s food.

Besides, one should try to spend as much time as possible in the supererogatory prayers, recitation of the Qur’an, remembrance, and supplication in the court of Allah.

Enrich the family library with Tafsir, Hadith, and Islamic literature

Usually, during the month of Ramadan, various Islamic publications pay 50 to 60 percent commission on their books. Take this opportunity. Allocate a significant amount of money to buy the complete Tafsir of the Holy Quran, the entire Hadith of Sihah Sittah, and the basic books of Islamic ideology. And if possible buy some books before Ramadan. These books will enrich your knowledge. As well as will make the character elegant. At the same time, these books will spread the fragrance of religion among your family members and will arrange charity for you. So don’t delay, enrich the family library before Ramadan.

Ramadan Planner : Family Correction

In Ramadan, you can be especially zealous for family correction. Therefore, choose a specific time of the day for training. It is expected that you will get a response from everyone if you take the opinion of family members in this regard. Because during the month of Ramadan, the interest of people in listening to the religion and practicing the religion increases a lot.

Offering Qiyam Al-Lail regularly

The Prophet (SAW) instructed about Qiyam Al-Lail in Ramadaan. ‘Qiyam Al-Lail’ means night prayers. Taraweeh also belongs to Qiyam Al-Lail. However, the highest stage of Qiyam Al-Lail is Tahajjud. In Ramadan, we have to wake up on the last night to eat Sahri. If you get up a little before the time of Sahri, you can easily offer a few rak’ats of Tahajjud.

Pray more and more for forgiveness

Allah opens the door of forgiveness in Ramadan. But we have to apologize. Dua is more likely to be accepted in the whole Ramadan and especially before Iftar. Therefore, we can complete the decorative work of Iftar in advance and offer Dua in front of Iftar.

Donate more and more

In Ramadan, the Prophet (SAW), his Companions, and the previous scholars used to give more and more. The eminent Companion Abdullah bin Abbas (R) said, ‘The Prophet (SAW) was the most generous of people. And his generosity would have multiplied in Ramadan.’ (Muslim)

Charity is also a big reason for receiving forgiveness. If one gives charity, one can expect forgiveness from the court of Allah. We can save a little money and come to our needy neighbor’s house with a little Iftar. When a needy person is happy after breaking the fast with the Iftar given by us after fasting all day, that happiness will not be limited to him only; Rather, that joy will reach the Throne of Allah. Allah will be pleased and bless the Iftar giver by giving him the reward equal to the reward of the fasting person.

Preparing for I’tikaf

Lailat Al-Qadr is one of the great achievements of Ramadan. I’tikaf is a great way to get Lailat Al-Qadr, the best night of more than a thousand months. The Prophet (SAW) used to perform I’tikaf. Narrated Abdullah bin Umar (R), The Prophet (SAW) used to perform I’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan. (Muslim)

Therefore, in order to get Lailat Al-Qadr, one should prepare for I’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan.

Performing Umrah

Umrah should be performed in Ramadan if one is wealthy. Because an Umrah of Ramadan has the same reward as Hajj. According to a hadith, the Prophet (SAW) said, ‘Performing Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to performing Hajj with me.’ If you intend to perform Umrah, you should prepare before Ramadan or from the beginning of Ramadan.


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