Reasons to perform Hajj at young age

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Conditions for obligatory Hajj

It is obligatory for every financially able, mentally healthy Muslim man and woman to perform Hajj at least once in their life. It is very important for any Muslim to be financially prosperous in order for Hajj to be obligatory. Physical fitness is also very much needed in this case.

If a Muslim is physically incapacitated or weak despite being financially capable, the ruling on Hajj can be relaxed. Again, Hajj is not obligatory even on a mentally unbalanced person. Therefore, it is important to consider the conditions for making Hajj obligatory with utmost care. Because there are some formalities during Hajj, which are related to a person’s financial, mental, and physical strength.

Regarding the obligation of Hajj, it is mentioned in the Holy Quran,

“It is the right of the man on behalf of those who are able to reach this house (financially and physically) to perform Hajj. And whoever refuses to obey this command should know that Allah is not dependent on anyone.” (3:97)

According to the instructions of the Holy Quran, a person who is financially and physically able cannot show laziness in performing Hajj.

Perform Hajj at young age: physical and financial consistency 

A person can become the owner of the right amount of wealth in his youth by working hard. But in old age, there is no guarantee that he will not lose his acquired wealth. And as the days go by, the burden of expenses on people also becomes more and more pressing. In other words, the qualification or ability to own the wealth of Hajj is not always the same. Again, a person cannot be physically healthy all the time. He may lose his physical ability to perform Hajj at any time due to an accident or illness. Therefore, if he does not perform Hajj as soon as he qualifies, he will have to answer for it on the day of Resurrection.

Most of the Muslims in the world perform Hajj at a relatively old age. Even after acquiring all kinds of qualifications long ago, when the eyesight is impaired, the body is bent, when there is not enough strength in the knees, many people decide to perform Hajj for immunity.

Worship of youth is most dear to Allah

But the Messenger of Allah (SAW), said, “The worship of youth is most dear to Allah.” But sadly, many people are seen at the end of their lives praying, trying to learn the recitation of the Qur’an, growing beards, and then performing Hajj. Doing so has become a kind of rule in society.

One thing to note is that most people have done as much wrong, injustice, oppression, and sin in their lives at a young age. Usually in old age people voluntarily or under the burden of age refrain from all these wrongdoings. Allah has emphasized the importance of worshiping at a young age. So that people may not immerse themselves in evil deeds. But people, after committing all kinds of misdeeds and sins, come to the last age and concentrate on worship in the hope of getting rid of those misdeeds. As if our Muslim society is going in the opposite direction.

The Prophets and the pious performed Hajj at youth

Hajj is an act of worship that requires both financial and physical strength to perform. And these are the two abilities that almost every human being is capable of acquiring at a young age. Most people make money at a young age. Therefore, it is better to perform Hajj at a young age. The first person to circumambulate the Kaaba at a young age was Adam (AS). Ibrahim (AS) also circumambulated the Kaaba at a young age. Ismail (AS) was a young Hajj performer. They each circumambulated the Kaaba before bowing to the weight of age.

Peform Hajj at young age: The formalities are easy to observe

Hajj is a formal act of worship. The rituals of Hajj are associated with the physical strength of the people. From Safa to Marwa again running from Marwa to Safa hill. Circumambulation of the Kaaba seven times. Throwing 21 stones seven times. Slaughtering one’s own sacrifice. Through Mina and Muzdalifah walking to Arafat’s field and come again. Kissing the black stone. Doing one’s own work, including ablution and bathing, etc. is a very difficult and arduous task in the midst of a crowd of millions of people. Which is much more tolerable at a young age.

It is important for the responsible Muslim scholars to take strong steps to motivate the wealthy youth to go on Hajj. It is also important for all to create an environment in the society so that Hajj at a young age becomes a movement. The more young pilgrims are made in the country, the more the crime rate from the society can be expected to decrease.

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