Salah: Making it part of our daily routine

Salah Contributor

In this article, we’ll explore how the second pillar of Islam- Salah can shift you from a state of confusion to assuredness and from worry to hope.

A quick note before reading: The purpose of this article is to show some of the powerful side-benefits of Salah. Which will deepen your experience with Salah and improve your act of worship.

Muslims pray Salah for the sake of the Hereafter, that is, for the sake of gaining the pleasure of Allah. But from the performance of these Salah, various benefits can be seen even in this world.


Ablution has to be done before Salah. There is no Salah without Ablution. In this regard, the Almighty Allah says,

“O you who believe! When you are ready for the Salah, wash your face and your hands upto your elbows, and wipe your head with your hands, and wash your feet up to your ankles.” (5:6)

Not only do you have to wash your hands, feet, etc. for the Salah, you also have to gargle and clean your nose with water. Apart from that, the body, the place of Salah, and the clothes have to be pure and clean. That is, Muslims have to stay clean and tidy all day to perform the five daily Salah. And it is scientifically proven that cleanliness cheers the mind. So, those who offer Salah regularly, have a cheerful mind.


During Salah, Muslims go to the mosque to offer Salah. As a result, there is an opportunity to look after each other and do research. So unity, compassion, sympathy grows between them. There is no difference between rich and poor in the prayer congregation.

The Help of Allah

Many worldly problems are solved by praying. Allah says,

“O you who believe! Seek help from Allah through patience and prayer.” (2:153)

So, Salah is the way to gain help from our Lord. And those who have the help of Allah have no tension and confusion in life. Allah is enough for those in all situations of life.


It has been said in the Quran,

“It is obligatory for the believers to pray at the appointed time.” (4:103).

A believer has to perform five daily prayers at five prescribed times. As a result, he becomes aware of time and can realize the importance of time. In this way, he learns punctuality, which makes him punctual and responsible in all matters of life. This is how Salah helps us to be successful in life.

Peace of Mind

The Quran says,

“Those who believe in Allah, their hearts are at peace in the remembrance of Allah. Know that the remembrance of Allah calms the heart.” (13:28)

So, the mind of the believer is most calmed by the Salah and he is at peace of mind.

Remaining steadfast in danger

The one who performs prayers remains steadfast in danger. He does not break down in despair if he falls into a bad situation in any work or subject. The Quran says,

“Human being are naturally very unstable. When they are in danger, they start to get frustrated. And when they are blessed, they are stingy. But not those who perform the Salah, those who are constantly devoted to their Salah.” (70:19-23)

That is, those who perform the Salah properly can remain steadfast in danger.

Exercise of both body and mind

Both mental and physical exercises are achieved through Salah. As a result of the movement of all the organs of the body through prayers, they remain active and health is maintained. Since Allah is remembered through prayers, the hearts of the worshipers remain calm. Therefore, the mental health of the worshipers is good and they are safe from mental illnesses such as frustration, depression, instability, unreasonable fear, etc.

Salah protects the joints of the body from becoming paralyzed. The joints of the corresponding bones in the waist and back cannot be stiffened due to standing in the Salah, going back and forth in ruku and sajdah. As a result, they also maintain normal performance.

The main thing is that spiritual improvement is achieved through Salah. Through Salah, a Muslim surrenders himself to Allah. As a result of this surrender, he became spiritually strong and his mind became calm in meditation on Allah through Salah. In this way, Salah brings many benefits in this world as well as in the hereafter.

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