Sameera Fazili and Aisha Shah: Two Kashmiri women in U.S President’s team

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Sameera fazili

Kashmiris have much to celebrate with the swearing-in of the new US President Joe Biden: two of them, Kashmir-born Americans, Sameera Fazili and Aisha Shah, have been assigned high positions in the President’s team. While Fazili has been made the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, Shah has been made the Partnerships Manager.

What will be Sameera Fazili’s work in President’s team?

The National Economic Council (NEC) is considered to be the principal economic forum which advises the all-powerful US President. One of the major jobs of the NEC is to make sure that the US Administrations economic policy decisions are consistent with the President’s larger economic goals. The forum also implements the President’s goals. Therefore, Sameera Fazili’s chair, as the second in command within the NEC, comes with huge responsibilities along with power. But then she is eminently capable of performing her duties, with a distinguished career in the prestigious Yale Law School.

Credentials of Sameera Fazili

Sameera’s parents Yusuf Fazili and Rafiqa Fazili are both doctors and had migrated to the US from Kashmir. Sameera did her higher education in the US, with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Harvard College, and obtained Juris Doctor (JD) from Yale Law School. Sameera’s professional career begun with being a lecturer at the Yale Law Schools community and economic development unit. From Yale she moved ahead to join the US Treasury Department, working on issues related to microfinance, housing finance and business finance. And this is not really the first time that Sameera would be working in the NEC. Even during the Barak Obama Administration she worked in the NEC as a Senior Policy Adviser. She takes her new chair in the NEC with years of solid experience behind her.

Aisha Shah from the digital world

Kashmiri-born Aisha Shah, on the other hand has been given an extremely important position in President Biden’s White House digital team. Like Sameera, Aisha also comes to this position with years of experience. She performed as a Digital Partnership Manager in the Biden-Harris campaign immediately prior to the election. Now she will take the chair of the Partnership Manager in the Biden Administration. The White House Office of Digital Strategy is saddled with the task of developing partnerships that are focused on extending the President Biden’s reach beyond his own social platforms. Therefore, Aisha will have a major role in spreading the Administration’s message to the world at large.

Achievements of Aisha Shah

Before assuming this responsibility, she was an Assistant Manager on the Corporate Fund of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She has also served for years as a strategic communications specialist at an integrated marketing firm, which specializes in social impact communications and spitfire strategies. At present she is an Advancement Specialist for the Smithsonian Institution, the largest museum complex in the world. In her career one of Shah’s major achievements has been to help non profit organizations to use popular culture as an instrument for social change. Shah was born in Kashmir, but was raised in Louisiana after her family migrated to the US and settled there. She obtained her graduate degree from Davidson College.

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