Saudi Public Prosecution launches social media legal awareness campaign

World Faizah Kamal 12-Feb-2020
Social media safety
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On February 11, Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution launched an initiative aimed at highlighting the legalities relating to the safe use of social media platforms.

Titled “Ask the Prosecution,” the awareness campaign has been designed to target social media influencers and media professionals with information about the limits and legal controls on content posted on networking sites.

The forum, backed by Saudi Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mua’jab and his deputy Shalaan bin Rajeh Al-Shalaan, was launched at a ceremony in Riyadh.

The event included a panel discussion on precautions to be taken when using social media as well as common mistakes made by users in good faith or intentionally. Also discussed was the role of influencers in raising awareness among their online followers about the work of the Public Prosecution.

Panel member Ahmed Al-Mughim, a Public Prosecution attorney who specialised in dealing with economic and financial crimes said, “I believe influencers should be involved in such places where there is awareness to benefit their followers, which will then reflect on society and its safety.”

One suggestion made was for the Public Prosecution to produce a simple guide explaining the laws and regulations that social media influencers needed to be aware of.

“This forum is the opening of other upcoming meetings dealing with the relationship between the Public Prosecutor’s office and society,” said Dr. Majid Al-Dasimani, from the Public Prosecution’s department of corporate communication.

“The Public Prosecutor’s office is continuing to activate communication with the community in line with the transparency launched by Vision 2030,” he added.

Al-Dasimani pointed out that the next gathering would focus on children’s rights and precautions in relation to their use of social media, as well as ways to avoid children being harmed or exploited.