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Data Breach

Everyone is very much aware of the phrase ‘Data breach’ after a Muslim app is alleged to have sold its user data to the US government for a lump sum of money. Suddenly the internet is buzzing with cybersecurity, data breach, data safety, hacking, and a lot of other technological know-how. In a way that is good, because since the advancement of technology is taking place so rapidly, we should be aware of how to deal with its negative aspects.

A data breach can actually be very threatening for the users as it can provide your personal data to any corporation or any people. For example, you have checked in your location on social media, which is actually information about yourself. So anyone can actually follow you to your location to do some harm! Or maybe simply stalk you. Now, what is the difference between the data you have provided online and the data which have breached unknowingly?

The later is more fatal as you have no idea when or where you are being vulnerable.

Therefore, in In conclusion, we can say that a data breach is intentional or accidental way of invading the privacy of information without permission and authorization. It can be occurred by gaining secret and illegal access to computers, networks, or servers for stealing information. This stolen data can be misused to cause huge damages.

Data breaching patterns:

1. Malware:

All data breaching is done by malicious software which is designed to impair computer servers to access and steal data and sensitive information. It is wise to use anti-virus and anti-malware software in your system.

2. Ransomware:

In this malicious software, a hacker encrypts your data (locks in certain ways so that it becomes inaccessible to you) and asks for a ransom ( cash or favor, mostly cash) to decrypt it.

3. Phishing:

A hacker pretends as a trusted entity to get access to your information by sending fake emails or putting up fake websites.

Usually, the hackers target credit card pins, bank account numbers, ATM passwords which can be used for their own gains. Sometimes data can be useful for harmful organizations also.

How to prevent Data Breach:

There are some simple ways to prevent data breaching,

1. Update your security software regularly:

Software becomes outdated and it can be a great opportunity for hackers to break into your system. Any outdated version of security is prone to data breaches. Remember, you must take care of your anti-virus and anti-malware software. Update it regularly to protect your own data.

2. Use security which is SSL encrypted:

Fraudsters are trying every time to break into your network to get unauthorized access to your information. If you install an SSL certificate to protect your business site, it will encrypt data communication on a network. It will be secured then.

The data which flows between your clients and you are your responsibility. If data breach from your site, this trust will be broken. So make your site secure!

3. Educate yourself and your employees about cybersecurity:

It is absolutely necessary to train your employee about cybersecurity and how to prevent a data breach. The more awareness and security will increase, the fewer hackers will be able to infiltrate into a system. Training should be done in a way that one can recognize different kinds of data breaches. Even the hint of data breaching can ring an alarm in their minds.

4. Use Security services:

In the business world, it is hard to deal with data breaches on your own. Therefore, you can hire an IT security service. It will deal with data theft, breach, compliance issues, and so on. This will help the company to stay focused on their services while the security agency manages the data security part.

It is worth the effort to set up these security measures to save your data and business. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!


(Written by freelance journalist Shreya T)

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