Schools reopen in England

World Grigory Matyunin 01-Jun-2020
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. ID 157835672 © Vladyslav Musiienko |

Schools and certain shops have partially reopened throughout England for the first time since March as the British government continues to gradually ease the lockdown imposed to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

The United Kingdom has suffered the second highest death toll from coronavirus in the world and the highest in Europe. The economic cost of the lockdown has been immense, resulting in unprecedented borrowing in peacetime history. With over 38,000 deaths in total, it is feared that the UK is moving too quickly towards easing the lockdown and taking measures that might result in a second spike of infections.

Up to six people will be able to meet outside insofar as social distancing measures are observed, outdoor markets and certain shops are permitted to restart trading, certain outdoor sports will be permitted to resume training and the most vulnerable citizens will be permitted to go outside again. Schools are reopening gradually, although a large number of parents will probably keep children at home. IKEA stores have reopened throughout the country resulting in long queues commencing hours before the stores opened.

Concerns are also being voiced that people are ignoring social distancing as it is and are likely to act irresponsibly as restrictions are lifted.

The latest adjustments of the lockdown apply in England only. The rest of the United Kingdom is moving more cautiously.