Seville will restore 12th century walls built by Muslims

World Grigory Matyunin 04-Jun-2020
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Seville is due to start a renovation project dedicated to the reconstruction of city walls built by Muslims to fend off Christian conquerors.

The project will begin within a number of weeks and will focus its attention on the stretch between Córdoba Gate and Macarena Gate.  Known as the ‘Macarena wall’, this stretch is 540 metres long and was neglected for years. Following widespread petitions and powerful support from Juan Espadas, the mayor of Seville, the wall will be restored.

The existing structure was built by the Almoravid dynasty in a bid to offer protection against Christian forces seeking to take over the Iberian peninsula. Work is estimated to have begun around 1125.

The Almoravid dynasty was ousted by the Almohad Caliphate, a Berber Muslim movement from North Africa which seized Morocco in 1147 and conquered Iberia in its entirety by 1172. It was under their rule that the Giralda Tower was built.

In 1248, Seville would fall into the hands of Ferdinand III of Castille.

Antonio Muñoz, the councillor tasked with culture, has expressed hope that the wall would someday be open to visitors as “a cherished part of the Macarena district’s identity”.