Shariah-Compliant Web Services

Digital products are a minefield

SalamWeb has numerous confirmations of compliance with Muslim requirements: SalamWeb technology is based on tailor-made guidelines produced by Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar’s Amanie Advisors specifically for SalamWeb to ensure strict compliance with Islamic laws, norms and principles. These guidelines are built into the SalamWeb program codes and technology.



Following rigorous reviews and testing processes, SalamWeb has been certified and endorsed by the International Shariah Supervisory Board comprised of four globally renowned Islamic scholars from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Kuwait.


A special Fatwa was issued with respect to SalamWeb, certifying compliance with the requirements of Islamic regulations and principles. SalamWeb has been endorsed by MDEC for Islamiс Digital Economy (IDE), Malaysia.



As of March 2020, SalamWeb is the only browser and set of digital products that have such certifications.