Significance and Teachings of Surah Ar-Rum (Part 2)

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Part 2

In the 1st episode, two predictions of the Quran made in Surah Ar-Rum are discussed to be true. The first is the victory of the Romans over the Iranians and the second is the victory of the Muslims against the polytheists.

The Predictions of the Quran were so perfectly fulfilled that no one had the slightest doubt about it. A large number of polytheists in Arabia later believed in the Quran; Accepts Islam.

Ubay ibn Khalaf bet 100 camels with Abu Bakr (R). Because he was killed in the battle of Badr, his heirs had to accept defeat and give Abu Bakr (R) a hundred camels of that bet. When he came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) with 100 camels, the Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered him to give them in charity. Because when Abu Bakr (R) was betting, the ruling of gambling in Islam was not revealed. But at that time, it was ordered to be haram. Therefore, even if it is allowed to take bet money from the disbelievers, it is ordered at the same time that it should be given in charity without suffering it.

Contents and main points of Surah Ar-Rum

In the introduction to this Surah, it is said that today the Romans have been defeated and the whole world thinks that the fall of this empire is imminent. But in a matter of years, everything will change, and he who loses today will be victorious in the future.

From this introduction, it is revealed that man sees only what is in front of his eyes because of his external vision. But he is completely unaware of what is behind this external screen. When this outward view leads to confusion and erroneous assumptions about the smallest things in the world, and when people miscalculate because they do not know “what will happen tomorrow”. Then making the whole life dependent on the present external life and on this basis, leave the capital of one’s entire life is a great mistake and foolishness with no doubt.

Thus, the Quranic discourse on the subject of the Hereafter has shifted from the subject of Rome-Iran, and up to many verses, various attempts have been made to convince people that the life of the Hereafter is real, reasonable and necessary. In order to keep the human life system healthy and beautiful, it is very necessary for him to believe in the Hereafter and take it into action for the present life. Otherwise, the consequences of adopting a program based on external vision are bound to be the same.

Some analogies of Surah Ar-Rum

In this context, in order to present an argument in favor of the Hereafter, the signs of the world which have been presented as evidence, without hesitation, also present evidence of Tawhid. Therefore, it can be easily said that there is no good for man except to worship Allah alone.

Shirk is basically the antithesis of both world nature and human nature. So wherever people have taken the path of this perversion, there has been a catastrophe. The latter refers to the catastrophe caused by the war between the two largest empires in the world at that time. It has been said that this catastrophe is also one of the fruits of shirk. And in the past history of the human race, all the races that have faced disasters have been polytheists.

In the last part of the Surah, people are explained by analogies, just as the drought-stricken earth suddenly comes to life when it is touched by the rain sent by Allah and the treasures of life and crops begin to rise. So the revelation and prophecy sent by Allah is a shower of mercy for dead, fallen, rude humanity. Revelation is the source of human life, growth, development and well-being. If this opportunity is taken advantage of, this barren land filled with the Shirk of Arabia will become the seed of Tawhid by the grace of Allah. And all welfare will be for the benefit of the people themselves. And if you don’t take advantage of it, people will suffer. Then there will be no gain without remorse and no chance of compensation.



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