Smoking as Disobedience Towards Allah

Islam Contributor

We all know that smoking is bad. It is bad for your health and evidence of that comes in tonnes so there can be no arguing. But apart from affecting your health, smoking affects your whole life and, what is worst of all, your soul and hope for hereafter.

On the health side, it looks unsavoury enough already. Disregarding the evidence of smoking being bad for you is akin to gambling . You may walk away unscathed or you may be hit with a bad disease, no one knows. This gambling side of it augments your initial sin with one no less grave. It’s a gamble with the devil. Your being left without consequences to your health looks a good outcome but the devil has tricked you already. This is because by involving you in his game he has got a grip on your soul.

On the spiritual side things get even worse. There is a no less important aspect of smoking that tends to be disregarded, namely, Allah’s prohibition.

What other reason do you need to abstain from smoking if Allah tells you not to smoke? If you persist, all you do is show disobedience – one of the gravest sins in Islam, for disobedience is a revolt against the Almighty. Do not ridicule these lofty words. If you take a sober look at the situation, this is exactly how you will start seeing it. This disobedience is with you every time you light up, and it leaves a scar that will stay with you until Judgment Day. Feels ghastly, it does. The need to quit becomes forever important.

But when the body is physically a slave to the devil, the grip on it will not be eased without a hard fight. The weapons in this fight are prayer and observance of all the duties of a Muslim without faltering. Pleading with the Lord and pleasing Him by being observant of his laws is the only way to win His favour. And it is His favour that will serve as the only means of salvation available. For this is not a medical fight. This is a spiritual fight with the devil.

In this fight, those at the frontline need backup. This backup shall be conscripted from those upon whom Allah has conferred His infinite grace of averting them from this malicious habit – the non-smokers.

They must give thanks and praise to Allah for this bounty of chastity. For this, like anything else in this world, is the result of Allah’s favour. But they must also not forget to plead with Allah for their brothers the smokers, as well as for those who have gained an initial foothold in this fight has made the decision to quit and having staved off cigarettes for some time already.

For them the prayers must be especially fervid. For it is their souls that are in great peril of sliding back into the devilish abyss of the habit. Keeping them strong is what Allah will grant if He is pleaded with properly.

Hence, do not forget prayer those who do not smoke, and do not forget prayer and repentance those who smoke. If you abide fully by the command of the Lord to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle, He will hasten to show His grace. “O you who have believed, eat from the good things which We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is indeed Him that you worship.” (2:172

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