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Dodge's Palace
Art Contributor 01 Mar 2021 Dodge’s Palace: Witness of Islamic influence on Venetian monuments
Reading Corner
Lorca's spanish Ghazals
Culture Contributor 26 Feb 2021 Lorca’s Spanish Ghazals: Treasure of Andalusia
Reading Corner
Tanam Farsooda Jaan Para
Art Contributor 25 Feb 2021 Tanam Farsooda Jaan Para: A poem filled with love for the Prophet (SAW)
Reading Corner
ibn zuhr
Inventions Contributor 22 Feb 2021 Ibn Zuhr: Master who blended arts and science
Culture Contributor 20 Feb 2021 Al-Nahda: A turning point in the Arab world
lion fountain
History Tamalika Basu 15 Feb 2021 Lion Fountain: The beauty within Islamic architecture
Zara Mohammad Hadid
Famous Contributor 11 Feb 2021 Architect Zaha Mohammad Hadid: Queen of the curve
Reading Corner
Nazik al-Malaika
Art Contributor 10 Feb 2021 Nazik al-Malaika: Pioneer of modern Arabic poetry
Reading Corner
Qasida al-Burda
Art Contributor 05 Feb 2021 Qasida al-Burda: A sublime expression of love for Prophet Muhamad (SAW)
Art Contributor 24 Jan 2021 Islamic calligraphy and decorative art of the mosques
Reading Corner
Al khansaa
Art Shreya T 19 Jan 2021 Al Khansaa: The first woman poet in Arabic literature
Reading Corner
Maulana Rumi
Culture Contributor 15 Jan 2021 Maulana Rumi: Universality and humility that touched the world
Reading Corner
Rahman Baba
Art Contributor 30 Dec 2020 Rahman Baba: The greatest Muslim mystic and Pashtu poet of 17th Century
Reading Corner
Quli Qutub Shah
History Contributor 17 Dec 2020 Quli Qutub Shah: The Sultan who was a sensitive poet
Reading Corner
Ideas and poetry
Art Contributor 15 Dec 2020 Allama Iqbal: The man with endless erudition
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