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Reading Corner
Al khansaa
Art Shreya T 19 Jan 2021 Al Khansaa: The first woman poet in Arabic literature
Reading Corner
Maulana Rumi
Culture Contributor 15 Jan 2021 Maulana Rumi: Universality and humility that touched the world
Reading Corner
Rahman Baba
Art Contributor 30 Dec 2020 Rahman Baba: The greatest Muslim mystic and Pashtu poet of 17th Century
Reading Corner
Quli Qutub Shah
History Contributor 17 Dec 2020 Quli Qutub Shah: The Sultan who was a sensitive poet
Reading Corner
Ideas and poetry
Art Contributor 15 Dec 2020 Allama Iqbal: The man with endless erudition
Ustad Mansur History Contributor 28 Nov 2020 Ustad Mansur: Revered painter of Jahangir’s era
Emperor Humayun History Contributor 27 Nov 2020 Emperor Humayun: His legendary story of retreat and survival Amir Hasan Sijzi Art Contributor 26 Nov 2020 Amir Hasan Sijzi: Forgotten contemporary of Amir Khusrau Humayun's Tomb History Contributor 23 Nov 2020 Humayun’s tomb, the first grand monument built in memory of a beloved in medieval India Gol Gumbaz, India History Contributor 19 Nov 2020 Adil Shahi dynasty and Bijapur, the ‘City of Victory’ musical instrument sitar Art Contributor 18 Nov 2020 Sarod and Sitar: Musical instruments given by the Mughal courts persian poet saadi Culture Contributor 14 Nov 2020 Shaikh Saadi- The Persian poet par excellence Edirne, Turkey - May 2018: Selimiye Mosque and statue of its architect Mimar Sinan, Edirne, Turkey Art Contributor 10 Nov 2020 Remembering Mimar Sinan-The Great Architect Of Ottoman Empire Cookbook and spice on a wooden table. Food preparation. An old book in the kitchen. Recipes for food. Culture Contributor 05 Nov 2020 This Sultan’s 15th century Book of Delicacies regarded as the first proper cookbook of India The blooming yellow tulips in the spring Culture Contributor 04 Nov 2020 How Tulips were exported from the Islamic world to Europe?
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