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Ibn Al-Baytar
Famous Contributor 28 Feb 2021 Ibn al-Baytar: The forgotten botanist of 12th century
Today's Focus
Famous Tamalika Basu 26 Feb 2021 Al-Battani: The first scientist to explain solar eclipse
Amrah bint Abdul Rahman
Famous Contributor 26 Feb 2021 Amrah bint Abdul Rahman: Learned jurist of Golden Age
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Tanam Farsooda Jaan Para
Art Contributor 25 Feb 2021 Tanam Farsooda Jaan Para: A poem filled with love for the Prophet (SAW)
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Jabir Ibn Hayyan
Famous Contributor 24 Feb 2021 Jabir Ibn Hayyan: Prominent polymath of 8th century
Lady Asiya
Famous Contributor 24 Feb 2021 Lady Asiya: The brave wife of the Pharaoh
Abdul Qadir Al-Jazair
Famous Contributor 24 Feb 2021 Abdul Qadir Al-Jazairi: Algerian hero who fought against French troops
Ibn Qurrah
Famous Contributor 23 Feb 2021 Ibn Qurrah: Greatest Arab polymath of 9th century
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ibn zuhr
Inventions Contributor 22 Feb 2021 Ibn Zuhr: Master who blended arts and science
Muhammad Abduh
Famous Contributor 18 Feb 2021 Muhammad Abduh and his thought on Islamic modernism
Baybars I
History Contributor 17 Feb 2021 Mamluk Sultan Ruknuddin Baybars I
Munawar Khan
Society Contributor 17 Feb 2021 Munawar Khan of katlang: Remembered as a fearless Khan of the poor
Famous Contributor 16 Feb 2021 The story of Imam Al-Layth Ibn Sa’d Ibn
Abu Huraiah (RA)
Famous Contributor 15 Feb 2021 Life and contributions of Abu Huraiah (RA)
Today's Focus
Abdulla Quilliam
Europe Contributor 13 Feb 2021 Abdulla Quilliam and his preaching of Islam
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