Some countries still face ‘long, hard’ battle with coronavirus, WHO

Fotoğraf: Fusion Medical Animation-Unsplash

The World Health Organisation (WHO), has warned that in those countries where every available mechanism for battling coronavirus has not been utilised will struggle to overcome it in the near future.

Without singling out any specific country. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, ‘these countries face a long, hard road ahead’.

Over 10.5 million infections have been detected globally. And in excess of 500,000 people have died throughout the world since the disease first emerged in China.

While local and sporadic flare-ups were inevitable. Tedros has stated that those countries with a comprehensive mechanism in place will be able to use local measures. But limited lockdowns without necessarily resorting to full-scale restrictions applied in spring.

An investigation will take place into the origins of the virus.