Some early signs of Cancer: Watch out for these

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signs of cancer
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According to the medical dictionary, Cancer is a large group of almost 100 diseases. Its two main characteristics are uncontrolled growth of the cells in the human body and the ability of these cells to migrate from the original site and spread to distant sites. If the spread is not controlled, cancer can result in death. Cancer is considered by many as the second leading cause of death all over the world. Because of this reason, many people across the globe are becoming health conscious and trying their best to avoid and/or maintain cancerous growth. Below are some symptoms to watch out for, especially if they become persistent.

1. Fatigue:

This is a feeling of extreme exhaustion, lack of energy, feelings of muscle weakness and slowed movements and even mental exhaustion as fatigue can both be physical and mental. Usually, when one is fatigued, it is the body’s way of saying that it requires rest and sleep. But when it becomes persistent, it is an indication that something serious is wrong. Many diseases are characterized by fatigue and amongst them is Cancer. Almost all types of cancers are associated with fatigue.

2. Tarry stools:

These are abnormal types of stools that are closely related to almost all types of stomach region cancers. Tarry stools are dark stools that appear to have been mixed with blood (that is, digestive fluids mixed with blood). Some causes of tarry stools may be as a result of one’s diet (medications that contain Iron, dark chocolate, etc) but if your diet doesn’t contain any of these, be sure to seek immediate medical advice.

3. Fever:

A body temperature of over 37.8 degrees Celsius is an indication of fever. Sometimes it might not be serious and just a way your body shows that it is fighting an infection or even the side effect of a medication. However, if the fever is constant, doesn’t go away and no apparent known cause, particular cancer might be at play. All cancers are characterized by very high constant fevers.

4. Weight loss:

If you notice a drop in your weight without being intentional about weight loss, exercising, change in appetite, stress, or dietary change, then it might just be a signal of absolutely any type of cancer. Weight loss is very common in all types of cancers.

5. Bloating:

Do you feel constantly bloated when you have just had something to eat? It could be as a result of stress or an ingredient in your diet. But if it becomes constant and is coupled with back pain and fatigue, then it is time you visit a doctor to have it checked out because it might be suggestive of Ovarian Cancer.

6. Constant unusual cough:

Some medications and conditions (like a cold, asthma, allergies, viral infections, etc) are synonymous with wheezing coughs, and so is lung cancer. Chain smokers are at a very high risk of developing a cancerous tumor in the lungs.

7. Unusual Bleeding:

Bleeding that occurs, when one is not on their period, postnatal phase, or especially a woman who has stopped menstruating, needs to be paid attention to because it could be a cancer of the cervix, uterus, or vagina. Bleeding could occur from any part of the body, for example, the vagina or the nose. Once you experience blood in your urine, it can be as a result of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), Kidney, or bladder cancer.

8. Heartburn/indigestion:

Again, many stomach region cancers are high causes of constant heartburn or indigestion. You should visit your doctor if you experience this always.

9. Oral discomfort:

Mouth issues, trouble swallowing, or swollen lymph nodes around the throat are all associated with oral discomfort. One could be in this state constantly without even realizing that cancer might be the cause of this because they are usually a result of colds or infections. These issues are common with throat or esophagus cancers.

10. Skin changes:

If you have an unsual growth or spot that changes in shape, size, or color, or a spot that looks different from the rest of your body, then it’s time to have it checked out by a physician because it might be an early sign of skin cancer. A biopsy might be carried out to check for cancerous cells.

11. Organ changes:

Changes that occur in the breast or testicle are to be taken very seriously because it could be associated with breast, testicular or even prostate cancer (especially if the prostate is enlarged and you feel a need to pee always, with leaks in between). Lumps, pains, and secretions, in the breast or testicles, when noticed, should be relayed to a doctor as soon as possible.

12. Unusual Itching:

Some cancers which are commonly associated with itching are gallbladder and liver cancers, leukemias, and lymphomas. Itching is usually one of the early signs of these cancers. Try to change clothing to lose fabrics, bathe regularly with lukewarm water, and stay hydrated if you itch frequently.

13. Pain in the joints or areas around it:

Osteosarcoma and Chondrosarcoma are bone cancers that could be highly possible causes of joint pains. Don’t just ignore any joint pain you might be feeling.

14. Loss of Appetite:

When one has the constant desire not to eat much or eat anything or constantly loses interest in most types of food, then it’s best to get medications that will help propel hunger and a desire to eat. Almost all cancers are synonymous with appetite loss.

These are just some, out of a lot of symptoms that one might experience as some symptoms are peculiar to a number of individuals, but nonetheless, one should try to always be alert about unusual and constant signs or changes that occur in the body. Being observant about one’s health goes a long way in the prevention of drastic diseases like cancer.

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