Some more business related words found in Quran

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Business related words
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Even the most common words used for business in Quran are used to draw spiritual and ethical concepts. Clear use for business however is attributed when forcing laws that are not generically considered. The Aayah of Al-Baqarah states,

“O you who have believed, when you contract a debt for a specified term, write it down. And let a scribe write [it] between you in justice. Let no scribe refuse to write as Allah has taught him. So let him write and let the one who has the obligation [i.e., the debtor] dictate. And let him fear Allah, his Lord, and not leave anything out of it. But if the one who has the obligation is of limited understanding or weak or unable to dictate himself, then let his guardian dictate in justice. And bring to witness two witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men [available], then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of them [i.e., the women] errs, then the other can remind her. And let not the witnesses refuse when they are called upon. And do not be [too] weary to write it, whether it is small or large, for its [specified] term. That is more just in the sight of Allah and stronger as evidence and more likely to prevent doubt between you, except when it is an immediate transaction which you conduct among yourselves. For [then] there is no blame upon you if you do not write it. And take witnesses when you conclude a contract. Let no scribe be harmed or any witness. For if you do so, indeed, it is [grave] disobedience in you. And fear Allah. And Allah teaches you. And Allah is Knowing of all things.” [2:282]

It actually talks about explaining the terms and conditions of a transaction in a business with a specific time period. It also defines the documentation of agreement between parties in front of the witnesses for testifying.

It is stated clearly that Trade and Business transactions are best for allocation of wealth without using the cruel force for controlling resources.

Some more words related to business can be found in Holy Quran:

1. Fulk or the ships and boats of Trade:

This word can be found in Quran 24 times. It is used in the ethical context of narrating the story of a beloved Prophet. It also helps us to remember the power and love of Allah to his followers.

For example, a specific Ayah can be found again in Surah Al- Baqarah,

Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the night and the day, and the [great] ships which sail through the sea with that which benefits people, and what Allah has sent

down from the heavens of rain, giving life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness and dispersing therein every [kind of] moving creature, and [His] directing of the winds and the clouds controlled between heaven and earth are signs for people who use reason. [2:164]

2. Kaal and Wazan or measuring in business:

Actually, the process needs the comparison among the equals which brings to balance. The word Wazan is mentioned in our Holy Qur’an more than 23 times. The word Kaal is mentioned 6 times. In the Aayah of Surah Al Israa, we find,

“And give full measure when you measure, and weigh with an even [i.e., honest] balance. That is the best [way] and best in the result.” [17:35]

3. Saiyr or to set out in business and purpose:

This word is found 26 times. Most of its usage is to influence a true Muslim to travel for trade or business. In Quran, purposeful travelling is very much encouraged. It focuses on learning about other cultures and civilizations. Almighty Allah wants to give a message by this. He wants to say that all the great civilizations are destroyed because they refused to obey the Almighty. Allah wants us to learn that truth.

The Aayah of Surah Al-Hajj states,

So have they not travelled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear? For indeed, it is not eyes that are blinded but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts. [22:46]

Thus, business and trade have different spiritual values in Islam. It is not merely money-making, but to create a purpose in life. Building a bond with our Almighty beloved Allah. Thus, we can say everything can be found in Holy Qur’an, even something related to business and trade also.

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