Some strategies to boost your LinkedIn profile

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When we are on education, there is a wave of pressure on us to figure out what we want to do next. Besides this, a lot of people just don’t know what to do or where to start in this new professional journey. This article will give you some useful strategies to boost your LinkedIn profile and market yourself.

1. Have the right mindset

Networking is one of the major parts of any field of work. But, nowadays for young professionals, the concept of networking is incredibly daunting.

For employers, colleagues, and peers to respect and get to know you, a fair amount of communication is a must. We are often taught extensively how to apply for jobs, how to write up an impeccable CV, but we are not often taught how to lead ourselves and manage our mindset in order to confidently go into a meeting or a networking setting.

Allah created humans equally, but society attributes more value to humans based on their monetary worth, popularity, and beauty.

By adjusting your mindset, you will be able to believe in your own worth and capabilities, you will realize that your value is not based on the changing societal norms, but purely from Allah who dignified all human beings.

If you see networking as a collaboration, as opposed to someone doing you a favor, it will no longer be a burden for you.

2. Don’t hold back on LinkedIn profile

Often when creating a new LinkedIn account, many people are slightly apprehensive about sharing too much about their career or academic history.

Be proud of where you are and what you have achieved up to this point. Always remember to draw on every experience whether it is a weekend spent or a publication you have written for place importance in the little things.

Something you should carry with pride that every step you took to get to this moment, was ordained by Allah, and there is huge value in that.

Your job is to make your story meaningful and see the value of everything. Of course, this takes some creativity, but also deep thinking and introspection. This is good for you professionally as people can be passionate about, and can sense your sincerity and truthfulness.

3. Take a good quality picture for LinkedIn

It seems like a piece of quite straightforward advice. But you will really be surprised how many great accounts are let down by their picture game.

There are about 467 million LinkedIn users from all around the world. In which 106 million users are monthly active. Profiles with pictures get 21 times more profile views than someone without one. There are books, Youtube videos, and articles available highlighting the importance of marketing yourself these days. Remember, marketing and selling yourself are not equal things.

You may hear that a high-quality respectable image can actually serve to do half of the work. And also as we know an image can speak a thousand words, investing in a great one can save a lot of time.

Make sure you are smiling to show that you are in fact a pleasant human being to work with. It is also the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ, which will place more barakah in your endeavors.

4. Make sure to fill all sections

Sit down and think. Draw on your skills and strengths that Allah has blessed you with. Have confidence in them, and ensure you have covered all areas of your LinkedIn page.

Stating the field you are in, and perhaps stating your interests and choices help viewers of your profile gauge your areas of interest. With this, you will find that you will be treated as an equally qualified person.

5. Invest in InMail

InMail messages can be directly sent to another LinkedIn member you are not connected to.

This is normally a great feature when there is a public figure who may have too many connections. And get access to them through the regular route is quite impossible.

If you have a free basic account, then you must upgrade to a Premium account for using the InMail service.

This way reaching those from whom you get inspire is a lot more feasible.

6. Don’t go mad, but don’t shy away either

The whole point of being on LinkedIn or other business place is to expand your professional network. Taking time out to build networking strategies to boost your LinkedIn profile for any professional can have huge benefits in the long run.

Once you are able to source experienced professionals in a specific field or your field and build connections with them, a general algorithm will form. This will create more opportunities for you to connect with individuals that fall under the same category. Building connections with like-minded people is a positive action to take for your outlook, as it will help you to inspire towards projects and ideas.

It’s great to build up your network to help others know how well connected you are, but remember this should not be the only reason for your network strategy mapping.

Correct and enrich your intention and actively ask Almighty Allah to help you connect with the right people who possess the skills, qualities, and knowledge and that will propel you into the job you are looking for.

7. Remember it’s all there for a reason

Linking our job or career to Allah isn’t something we often think about; we seem to disconnect from the reality that our relationship with Allah is holistic and all-encompassing in our lives. The spiritual side of Islam is not only about walking away from our desks briefly to pray in a quiet room.

You need to think more meaningfully and positively about every connection you make and every idea you have and your own career aspirations in light of your purpose in this life and your destination after this life.

8. Reflect on the excellent etiquette of the Sunnah

There are great tips in following the Sunnah that add meaning and a sense of Ihsan (good conduct) in our work and interactions.

A huge part of Islam is placed on perfecting one’s manner and character.

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“The most perfect believer in respect of faith (Iman) is he, who is best of them in character.” (Abu Dawud)

Having good character and good manner is often referenced as a hugely pivotal aspect of the day to day dealings in our workplaces. And this is almost always referenced with regards to business.

Reflecting on the way of Prophet (SAW) for conducting is the perfect example to follow that can help you personally and also make everyone comfortable dealing with you.

We hope you found this article useful and learnt some strategies to boost your LinkedIn profile.