Some tips to get ready for Ramadan (Part 2)

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ready for Ramadan
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Part 1

The glorious and holy month of Ramadan is knocking on our door. And after a few days, the month of Ramadan Mubarak will begin with the special mercy, blessings, forgiveness, and salvation of Allah.

In order to get the great blessings and welfare of the holy month of Ramadan, one has to make proper preparations for the holy month of Ramadan in advance. Some tips on this preparation have been shared in the previous episode. The rest of the tips are shared in this episode-

Performing the previous Qada fast to get ready for Ramadan

If some fast of previous Ramadan has been canceled due to illness or travel in the past life, it should be properly observed before the start of this Ramadan. Women, in particular, may have missed some fast due to menstruation. Therefore, all these Qada fasts should be observed in the month of Sha’ban before Ramadan. This will bring about two good deeds –

First of all, the Qada fasts of the past life will be observed. Besides, this will also increase the interest in fasting in Ramadan.

Secondly, Sunnah will be followed. It has already been said that the Prophet (SAW) used to observe more and more Nafl fasts in the month Sha’ban in preparation for Ramadan. This Sunnah will also be followed by performing Qada fasting.

Try to get general forgiveness of Allah in Ramadan

Allah saves many people from the Hellfire in the month of Ramadan. However, this general forgiveness is not for everyone. Because if you want to get this forgiveness, you have to refrain from two things.

1) Must be free from Shirk. If one associates anyone with Allah willingly or unwillingly, he/she should return to it through repentance and forgiveness before the arrival of Ramadan.

2) Must be free from violence. Violence cannot be tolerated in any matter. Because violence thus ignites all the good deeds of man; The way fire burns wood. So by avoiding violence, the mind must be kept clear for the sake of forgiveness.

Identifying the flaws of past Ramadans

Before the month of Ramadan arrives, one should try to find out the reasons for not being able to do the good deeds of the past Ramadan. For example, why the Qur’an had not been studied regularly? Why not read Taraweeh regularly? Reasons for not making donations? Why was I’tikaf not done? Etc. The issues have to be identified. This year, before the arrival of Ramadan, to refrain from these things or to prepare to do all the good deeds.

Create a 24-hour routine to get ready for Ramadan

No matter what work you do during the month of Ramadan, you should make a possible routine of how to spend the whole time in any work. If it is done in advance, even in the midst of extreme busyness in Ramadan, other deeds including good deeds will be cut off in worship. In a word, if you list all the tasks, you will notice a clear difference between this Ramadan and other Ramadan.

Exploring the moon of Ramadan

On the evening of the 29th of Sha’ban, it is Sunnah to search for the moon of Ramadan and to recite dua when one sees the moon. Every Muslim should take the pre-plan to revive this lost Sunnah.

At present, it has become a custom to look at the moon sighting committee. Many waits for the news on the radio or TV to see if the moon has been seen. This deprives Muslims of the important Sunnah of seeing the moon and reciting dua. Everyone should be fully prepared to come out of this tradition and revive the Sunnah of the moon search.

Praying more and more to Allah and seeking Tawfiq

In order to worship properly in the month of Ramadan, one should seek Tawfiq (grace) from Allah Almighty from now on. By repenting and repenting more and more, one has to purify one’s body and mind and build oneself fit to stand in the court of the great Lord.

Before Ramadan, one should always pray to Allah, “O Allah! No matter how hard I try, I won’t get Ramadan if you don’t give Tawfiq; In the same way, even if I get Ramadan again, I will not be able to get the full benefit of it. So I want Tawfiq from you to do good deeds in Ramadan.”

May Allah grant us life till Ramadan and grant us the grace so that we can spend Ramadan in the desired way. Ameen.


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