Spanish police uncovers drug cave

World Grigory Matyunin 15-Jun-2020
Cannabis drugs
ID 53186712 © Alejandro Hernández Valbuena |

The Spanish police has uncovered a secret drug cave concealed beneath an ornamental fountain and buried inside a garden in Mijas, Costa del Sol.

The Guardia Civil officers had launched an investigation against three individuals who stand accused of smuggling cannabis. They subsequently realised that a fountain could be moved to reveal a small shaft.

There was a small tunnel below leading to a shipping container where illegal drugs were being kept by the group.

Despite being small-scale drug traffickers, the three men seemed to have excellent infrastructure. The gang would operate using the ‘go fast’ method with two vehicles driving all over Spain. One would carry as much as 500kg of drugs while the other would ensure that the roads were free from police checkpoints.

10 kilograms of cannabis were found in vehicles owned by the gang. Over 10,000 euros-worth of cannabis was discovered in the hideout as well as a collection of equipment designed for the growth of cannabis indoors.

The police stated that the gang clearly relied upon buying the loyalty of any builders or witnesses that may have been involved in the construction of the secret den.