Standing by the truth and avoiding deception

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standing by the truth
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Islam teaches us to stay away from deceiving others and standing by the truth.

Allah is aware of our intentions. When we stand by the truth even when it is difficult to do so, indeed Allah sees this too and rewards us.

We read in a hadith:

“Narrated Anas: That Abu Bakr wrote for him, Zakat regulations which Allah’s Messenger (SAW) had made compulsory, and wrote that one should neither collect various portions (of the property) nor divide the property into various portions in order to avoid paying Zakat.” (Sahih Bukhari)

This shows us the importance of ensuring we have the right intentions and we do not aim to betray other people.

In the same way, we are taught not to behave with people in a particular manner and when they are not there, behave in a different manner. We read in a hadith:

“Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (SAW) as saying: The worst amongst the people is the double-faced one; he comes to some people with one face and to others with the other face.” (Sahih Muslim)

This kind of avoidance of deception is significant for us in many areas of our life. For example, when we are at work, we have a responsibility to be sincere and honest in the way fulfil our duties, as it is something that has been entrusted to us. It is important for us to remind ourselves that even what we do without the knowledge of others is certainly acknowledged by our Lord.

When we are in a situation where we need to tell the truth, if we intend to only tell part of the truth or also combine it with a lie, it is clear that we have intended is wrong. In the end, only we will be held accountable for our own deeds, so we should deal with similar matters with great care.

When there is disagreement or issue, if we were to imagine ourselves to be in the position of the opposite party, it helps us to think about how we would feel had we known we were being deceived. Indeed, we would never wish that upon us. By empathising with other people and being more considerate of their feelings, we will be helping ourselves to become more honest in difficult situations.

May Allah protect us from being faced with deception, as well as from falling into deception ourselves. Aameen.

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