Stay Organised This Ramadan With Ramadan Planners

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 09-May-2019

One of the things that is frowned upon during Ramadan is not being productive. The idea of lazying around the whole day until the time comes to break fast is not the best way to spend Ramadan. We are constantly encouraged to reap extra rewards and benefits by reciting the Quran, lend a helping hand to the less fortunate, deepen our understanding of Islam and just doing whatever we can to strengthen our relationship with the Almighty.

But it is without a doubt a challenge to commit to all the religious practices consistently for an entire month when you are accustomed to a certain lifestyle.  On top of our day jobs, families and children to attend to, it’s easy to falter. But let’s not be too hard on ourselves, because we have to admit, it is impossible to keep track of things when there is too much on our plate.

The good news is that constructive planning will make our lives easier. The best way to stay organised this Ramadan is to keep in check the goals you want to achieve with a Ramadan planner or organizer. It’s important to stay organised, as every second counts in Ramadan.

Ramadan planners differ from the usual planners in such that it is more interactive. It helps -maybe even guide- one to stay on track in their journey towards achieving a blessed and productive Ramadan. A Ramadan planner could contain surahs, du’as. Others may contain a list of ‘good deeds to do’ and provide a menu plan to help you stay on track health wise too.

Here are a few suggestions where you can get Ramadan planners.


Head on to its website and you’ll find that Ask A Muslim actually provides a free and printable Ramadan planner! It is noted on the website that besides jotting down goals and strategies to stay productive during Ramadan, the planner also offers a collection of ideas and activities that help to build one’s character and social work. All you have to do is click on the link given on the website to download the PDF version of the planner and print it.  View the Ramadan planner here.



Alhamdulillah, this is another website where you can download a free and printable Ramadan planner! Some of the things you can find inside the planner are Ramadan Supplications, My Ramadan Vision, Meal Plan, Good Deeds To Do, Calendar, Daily Pages and more! All you have to do is insert your name and e-mail in the box, and you’ll instantly receive your Ramadan planner to print. Check out the planner here.


Etsy is a wonderful place to find creative items – you’ll be spoiled for choice when browsing through their selection of Ramadan planners! Here you can find printable versions or hard cover ones too. Pictured above is one example of a Ramadan planner, or an Islamic journal as the seller calls it. The hardcover versions can also be good for Ramadan gifts! Shop more Ramadan planners on Etsy here.



Malaysian headscarf brand TudungPeople recently released its gorgeous selection of Ramadan planners too. It’s a hardcover version and comes in a few colours. Inside, users can find a variety of content such as du’a tips, My Ramadan Goals, Charities List, Prayer Log, Qur’an Log, List of Dhikir and many more. Check out the Ramadan planner here.


If you’re itching to release that inner creative bug in you, here’s a thought – decorate your Ramadan planner with stickers! Etsy has a wide selection of cute and fun Ramadan themed stickers, just like the one pictured above. View the selection here.