Street Eats Food Festival Takes Over London This Weekend!

Savour Syahirah Mokhtazar 23-Apr-2019

“Why would I go to a food festival?” – said no one ever. I mean, what can overcome the joyous feeling of savouring every delicious bite while basking in the sun in the company of friends?

Starting from today and for three days straight, Street Eats by Halal Gems, the halal food discovery platform will be taking over the iconic Old Spitalfields Market in East London to bring back its 3rd edition of the awesome food festival!

This year’s festival will witness its organisers bringing back some of their featured favourites from last year, alongside new traders! A marvellous mix of the best of Venezuelan cuisine including blazing hot dogs, scrumptious, juicy burgers and the best jollof rice in town!

Free Entry during the three-day event!

According to, there will be plenty of entertainment and art to see as you devour the delicious offerings.

The article also mentioned a talented group of spoken-word artists that will be leading poetry night, followed by an airing of the Netflix show ‘Chef’s Table’ and to top it off, an exciting interview with Darjeeling Express restaurant’s Asma Khan!

However this year’s festival aims not only to spoil you with delicious treats, but most of all to help fight food poverty according to

It was mentioned that food poverty is a rising issue across the UK, with more than 14 million people in the UK living below the poverty line.

Visitors of the Street Eats Festival are encouraged to make donations and spread the word on ‘Sufra Food bank’. Though the most help can only come from a regular donor.

The ‘supermarket’ stall will be sure to catch the attention of the visitor, holding enticing educational information on what is the ‘Sufra food bank’ how much they have achieved, and how you can help attain their goal to reduce food poverty!

The festival runs from 12 pm on April 19  until April 21. Children under 16 don’t need tickets!

Photo credit: All photos from Halal Gems’ Instagram page.