Stress and Anxiety Due to Worldly Matters

Mental Wellbeing Contributor
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Worldly matters play an important role in our lives. We live in this world and must interact with it, therefore the pursuits of this world inevitably get us involved. We strive to be successful in the things that ensure our well-being and serve as the foundation for the edifice of our material prosperity. Academic success, promotion at work, high regard from peers, respect from family members, these are the things that gladden the heart when achieved and rend it asunder when failed.

The result of such failure is stress and anxiety. Once they get you in their grip, you begin thinking there is no way out, each new day brings fresh failures and multiplies stress until at some point you become desperate and start crying for help not knowing what to do.

As always, the remedy shall come from the magnificent resources of Islam and help shall be granted by the Magnificent Helper, God the Almighty.

First of all, it is important to determine if the results you are expecting are really the ones that you need. The most common mistake people make is chasing after wrong goals, without regard to Allah’s plan for them and to the kind of pursuit in your life which He has decreed for them. Let us take a common situation, your parents want you to go to college, your academic achievements are not high enough to enable that but you do not relent and continue storming the bastions of university education, each time without success and each time with new stress and anxiety added to the stocks of it of which you already have an abundance.

Is it any good to cry for help? No. The only person who can help you in this situation is yourself. And remedying this situation is a simple task.

Its problem lies in the fact that instead of following Allah’s plan for your life you are following your family’s plan for it because they do think their boy must go to college. So long as you continue pleasing other people instead of pleasing Allah, stress and anxiety will persist and your goals will continue to be a mirage in the desert of this world.

Fine, then. Let’s assume you make the first step, that of saying to yourself that it is not you who are so incapable of achieving something, it is Allah Who does not want you to achieve it. If so, stop trying and think of a different goal. At this very moment, stress and anxiety shall subside. You will feel a surge of new strength and a bout of fresh desire to live, you will instantly remember Allah’s Wisdom and His Unlimited Power to encompass everything in His Far-Sighted Guidance and you will give praise to Him for His Grace and Mercy which He has shown you.

As the next step, your freshly gained peace of mind and ease of deportment shall need cementing, that is, you will need to explain to your family that God has shown you a new path and that happiness in this life lies in it and not in what they believe it should be. For this, you should arm yourself with namaz and dua and, having received proper spiritual uplifting from Allah, set out on your mission. You may rest assured that with Allah any mission will be successful and, as a result, you will have the peace of mind that you have so much longed for.