Summer in Oslo – Where To Go?

Travel Contributor

Summer days in Oslo, Norway is hard to beat. With the perfect temperatures, vibrant city life and endless sunsets, this is THE place to be! The locals would usually head for the many beaches in and around the city for a dip in the fjord and partake in social activities. If you want to experience summer like the locals do, here are some tips on where you can go for a perfect sunny day at the beach.



If you grew up in Norway, you’d know that you’re not allowed to stay inside during summer days – that’s the rule! The great thing about Oslo is that enjoying a perfect summer day is just a beach away. Head to Sorenga, Seawater Pool or Tjuvholmen City Beach located in the middle of the city centre. Easily accessible by foot or public transport, these city beaches make for great places to soak up the sun.

Sorenga, Seawater Pool,  Tjuvholmen City Beach



If you are interested in a half-day or a day trip, the islands of the Oslo Fjord with their many beaches lie ready for you. Together with hiking trails, sport- and activity fields and sites of cultural heritage, Hovedøya, Gressholmen Kro, Lindøya and Langøyene are perfect for a getaway from the pulsating city life. The islands can be reached by ferry from City Hall Pier in summer. If you crave for some food out in the islands, Gressholmen Kro is the place to go.


On sunny summer days, the beaches on the Bygdøy attract big crowds. This are is also popular all year round as it’s a great place for outdoor recreational activities like running, walking or cycling. On sunny days people come to Huk and Paradisbukta beach to hang out, barbecue, socialise, play games and take a dip in the fjord. Especially beach volleyball is a popular sport in the Huk area. Let the sand tickle your toes while eating ice cream from the small kiosk nearby.


Granted, this is not exactly a beach but you can take part in the urban sauna culture that has taken Oslo by storm. The options for sauna sessions, topped by refreshing dips in the fjord, has expanded impressively the last year. The different saunas each have their special features –  get your swim gear out and pick your favourite.

If you’re not into that salty seawater thing, you can opt for outdoor pools like the outdoor swimming pool complex of Frognerbadet is located next to Vigeland Sculpture Park, and is easily reached by foot or public transportation. Bring your kids for a splash or enjoy a long swim in the two 50-metre pools. Are you the bold type? Jump the thrilling 10 m from the diving tower!




If you’re not really in the mood for a splash, you can tour around the city centre for some fun too! In the midst of a hot summer day, Ekebergparken Sculpture Park offers the perfect place to cool down and experience some exquisite art combined with beautiful views of Oslo’s city centre. Find your way to Fujiko Nakaya’s fog sculpture and enjoy the magical feeling of being surrounded by a cloud of mist. Another lovely pace to go on a warm day is Nordmarka and its many freshwater lakes.

Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, Nordmarka