Syrian curfew extended while businesses are allowed to reopen

World Grigory Matyunin 29-Apr-2020
KL Raya (Greater KL) di waktu malam © Calvingsc |

Damascus has extended a nationwide curfew but has simultaneously allowed all businesses and public markets to resume work.

The curfew had been introduced over a month ago to curtail the spread of covid-19 after the first confirmed case of the virus was announced. So far 43 cases and three deaths have been confirmed. Medical sources have claimed that this number was an underestimate.

Businesses are being allowed to reopen in a bid to salvage the economy, already decimated by years of war and international sanctions. The reopening of bazaars for Ramadan is intended to support merchants who rely on increased spending during the holy month for their livelihoods.

All businesses and shops are expected to adhere to public safety regulations and make a substantial effort to disinfect their premises.

Due to the restrictions wage earners have struggled and the problem of poverty has  deepened. Prices have grown amid shortages. The local currency has fallen against the dollar.

Freedom of movement has been suspended between provinces and military conscription has been placed on hold so that the pandemic might not spread within the army.

Government ministries are being phased back into work. It is expected that all departments will resume normal operation by the end of Ramadan in late May.

Places of study are still closed and the school year has been ended prematurely. School children will not resume their studies as expected after the 2nd May.