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3D Printing
Technology Hussein Al-Bahir 20 Jan 2021 The expanding potential and innovations of 3D printing
Middle East Shreya T 19 Jan 2021 Yakhchals: Ancient ice pits in the deserts of Persia
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Virtual Reality
Technology Hussein Al-Bahir 18 Jan 2021 Virtual reality and the progress with augmented reality
Privacy policy
Applications Hussein Al-Bahir 15 Jan 2021 Privacy policy of WhatsApp: Why would you worry?
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Inventions Contributor 14 Jan 2021 Teleportation: What distances have we covered?
Man Contributor 31 Dec 2020 Some strategies to boost your LinkedIn profile
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Elham Fadaly
Inventions Shreya T 29 Dec 2020 Elham Fadaly: The winner of Physics World 2020 Breakthrough of the Year
Ibn An Nafis
Inventions Shreya T 24 Dec 2020 Ibn An Nafis: Father of circulatory physiology
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Inventions Shreya T 22 Dec 2020 The halal controversy regarding Covid 19 vaccines
Data Security
Technology Shreya T 18 Dec 2020 Learn the difference between data security and data privacy
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Islamic ethics
Education Shreya T 17 Dec 2020 Islamic ethics and its scope in information technology
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Data Breach
Technology Shreya T 15 Dec 2020 Save your business from Data Breach
breach of data
Technology Shreya T 28 Nov 2020 Breach of data and questions on technology’s advancement 
Data security Technology Contributor 26 Nov 2020 Data Security on internet: Steps to follow ID 146049829 © Supoj Buranaprapapong | Technology Faizah Kamal 04 Sep 2020 Improving Efficiency in Online Education
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