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Ibn Al-Baytar
Famous Contributor 28 Feb 2021 Ibn al-Baytar: The forgotten botanist of 12th century
brain waves
Inventions Contributor 27 Feb 2021 Brain waves control our concentration?
Inventions Hussein Al-Bahir 26 Feb 2021 How’s it looking for Mars?
Today's Focus
Famous Tamalika Basu 26 Feb 2021 Al-Battani: The first scientist to explain solar eclipse
Saturn is tilted
Inventions Contributor 25 Feb 2021 Why the Saturn is tilted? The blame is on its moon!
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Jabir Ibn Hayyan
Famous Contributor 24 Feb 2021 Jabir Ibn Hayyan: Prominent polymath of 8th century
Today's Focus
Environment Contributor 24 Feb 2021 Scientists unravel mystery behind Wolffia, world’s fastest growing plant
Ibn Qurrah
Famous Contributor 23 Feb 2021 Ibn Qurrah: Greatest Arab polymath of 9th century
8th continent
Environment Tamalika Basu 22 Feb 2021 Scientists discover the 8th continent of the world!
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ibn zuhr
Inventions Contributor 22 Feb 2021 Ibn Zuhr: Master who blended arts and science
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Inventions Contributor 21 Feb 2021 Muslim woman scientist might have just discovered the rocket to reach Mars!
Inventions Contributor 20 Feb 2021 Perseverance, NASA’s rover made successful landing on Mars
hot jupiter
Inventions Contributor 19 Feb 2021 What is a ‘Hot Jupiter’? Astronomers gave the answer!
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الكوكب الأحمر
Inventions Tamalika Basu 10 Feb 2021 Arab brings the news of the success of the first Muslim Mars mission
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hydrogen vehicles
Technology Hussein Al-Bahir 18 Feb 2021 Hydrogen vehicles: A new era of locomotion?
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