Teleportation: What distances have we covered?

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Truly, the ability to cover large distances in the blink of an eye has been the subject of imagination for science-fiction writers since the earliest days of mankind, that which in the modern day, we call teleportation. Nowadays, in the scope of 21st century’s technological capacities, this has become much less a dream and much more a graspable reality. Although before you get too excited, let me first disclose that we still remain quite a while away from successfully teleporting any reasonably sized objects, let alone humans. Yet teleportation is still a topic amply discussed and researched in the scientific field.

So if there was success, what sort of teleportation are we referring to anyway? Well, though it maybe a little less exciting than travelling through dimensions. The teleportation that scientist talk about today relates to the particle world rather than larger beings. That is what we know by the name of ‘quantum teleportation’.

Certainly it sounds all scientific and enigmatic, but what does it really mean for us, the more down to earth people ? Essentially, quantum teleportation allows for instant transfer of information between two entities over any distance.

Teleportation of data

Just think about it for a moment. Teleportation of data. Over. Any. Distance… This technological breakthrough will most certainly and very soon, overthrow many limitations of the Internet. The computer world as we know it today, can have fascinating societal change which only recently, seemed like as dream.

This teleportation mechanic functions through what is called ‘quantum entanglement’, a state in which two particles share an inalienable link which doesn’t disappear, no matter how far the two particles are from each other. After this magnificent discovery, researchers have been struggling to exploit this mysterious link for some time.  After years of trial an error, finally, instantaneous interaction between two particles over huge distances has been achieved, and not for nothing.

Naturally, there is still a lot of work to be done in the sphere. Loads of effort needed to properly incorporate this discovery into the daily lives of citizens. However the changes that it will shortly bring with it are going to be worth the wait.

Quantam teleportation

But, another question remains unanswered. Are we ever going to be able to teleport humans? Well, the scientific world claims that it would be impossible. However only recently, they were advocating the same stance on Quantum teleportation, and look where we are now.

Although this time around, there is definitely a higher chance of them being right. Indeed, there are a lot of technical and ethical problems that arise when it comes to teleportation of human beings. Primarily, if we imagine that we can overcome the technical aspect of the problem. Let’s say we are able to disassemble the human body and reassemble the same particles in the same way. But in another place, will it really then the be same human ? What happens to the soul ? And the consciousness ?

Many large and difficult questions surge from the idea, but to our luck, the moral dilemma is still quite far away as our technological capabilities remain in an embryo-like state when it comes to the technology of teleportation. Although, I would like to have you depart from this article with a thought: if we are ever to successfully teleport human beings, will their soul still remain with them by the end of the process?