The Beauty of Sujood

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Abu Huraira narrated that The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad said: “The servant is closes to his Lord during prostration, so increase your supplications therein.”

Sujood or sajdah in Arabic refers to prostration. When we fulfill our obligatory prayers five times a day, we humbly get into the position of bowing down with our forehead touching the ground. This is called a prostration. We prostrate to Allah SWT to glorify Him, exalt Him, praise Him and surrender to Him. Indeed, He is the only One who is worthy of being prostrated to.

Each sujood is a great act of worship performed to Allah the Almighty. The Prophet SAW said: “My ummah on that day will surely have bright faces because of sujood and bright arms and feet because of ablution.” Being close to Allah SWT is the most beautiful virtue of sujood. There are many benefits of sujood.

“The sujood was the favorite position of Prophet SAW. It was the position that the Prophet would go into when he was in gratitude, it was a position that Prophet went into at times so much that some of his companions thought he died (in that position),” said Omar Suleiman, an American Muslim scholar in a video.

“It is the best position in the salah. Within your set of prayer, the entire salah is an introduction to your sujood. It’s the best place to make dua (prayer) because when you prostrate, that’s when you can be closest to Allah SWT.

“There’s a beautiful statement that goes – it’s amazing how you whisper into the earth and the one above the heavens hear you, Subhanallah.

“The more you lower your body, the more your soul ascends. Sujood is also the greatest way to die.

“Prophet SAW said that you will be raised up on the Day of Judgement doing what you last did in this world.

“The Prophet mentioned a man who worshipped Allah SWT for hundreds of years and then died in a sajdah, he saw it as a sign that that’s the best way you can die.

“Mosques and houses of Allah are named after the sujood because mosque means the place of sujood.

“The Prophet said the people of faith would be known by the marks of sujood on their foreheads.

“The part of the earth you used to do sujood on cries when you pass away because it will miss the effect of that sajdah. It is the greatest honor, even to the earth, that you do sajdah upon it,” he said.

Another benefit of sujood is that it has a great impact for your body too.

When you get into the position of the sujood, your head becomes lower than your heart so this allows blood to flow towards the brain which in turn has a good effect upon your memory, vision, and concentration.

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