The incredible benefits of Prophetic Medicine

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was endowed with everything a man would have wanted. From revelations to kind manners to good conduct, he was a truly exemplary character. However, one of the most important aspects of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is what is called prophetic medicine.

Also called Al-Tibb Al-Nabawi in Islam, prophetic medicine is a collection of recommendations, advice, and suggestions given by the Seal of all Prophets concerning treatment, diseases, and hygiene.

Prophetic medicine is found primarily in the hadith and should not be confused with Islamic medicine. Over the centuries, prophetic medicine has proven to be of immense benefit to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

One major benefit of prophetic medicine is not even the medicine itself but the idea behind it.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) via prophetic medicine encouraged Muslims to be curious, seek knowledge. And pay close attention to the wonders of creation put in place by Almighty Allah (SWT). The Prophet (SAW) advised us to not just follow his advice and recommendation but to also take time on our own to think. And reflect on the works of Allah (SWT). Hence, prophetic medicine is not just about following the holy recommendations for health alone. But also thinking about how everything works together for good.

Another important application of prophetic medicine is that it is truly beneficial to the body.

For example, honey featured greatly in the recommendations of the Prophet (SAW) who promoted it as a healing substance. Today, modern doctors have found so many uses and applications for honey.

Honey is used in hospital wards for the treatment of patients with wounds and those who have sustained burns.

Patients who have honey applied to their wounds have been observed to have faster periods of recovery. The same patients have also been seen to have a considerably lower number of side effects. Especially when compared with other options like gauze and antiseptic solutions. The same honey has also found use as an antibiotic and it is also good for coughs while it is also useful for its impressive nutritional value.

The Prophet (SAW) also admonished us heavily on values like fitness, exercise (he regularly engaged in various sporting activities with his wives). Also proper nutrition, and hygiene.

As the Quran and the Sunnah remain the primary sources of instructions of our lifestyle as Muslims. We are constantly reminded of the importance that the Rasulullah (SAW) placed on health and medicine.

It is no surprise that the early Muslims took all his descriptions and recommendations very seriously. Just centuries after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Muslims would build on his medical advice. In fact,  dominated every sphere of medicine, surgery, and other forms of science. This reached a climax during the Islamic Golden Age when countless Muslims and Islamic scholars revolutionised the entire field of health. The inherent lesson here is that as long as we Muslims remember and adhere to all that is in the Quran and Sunnah, we will achieve our goals. May Allah (SWT) make our affairs easy, aameen.

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