The Concept of Al Amr Bil Maruf, Islam’s Doctrine of Enjoining What is Right

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Islam is truly beautiful and we Muslims consider ourselves to be incredibly blessed. One of the most excellent concepts in Islam is the one that is called Al Amr Bil Maruf and it simply means the doctrine of enjoining what is right. Before proceeding, it is interesting to know what Almighty Allah (SWT) said regarding this.

Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are transgressors. – Quran 3:110

Fight Evil in all its Appearances

This verse is very clear and the message is apparent to us all. As humans, we cannot be perfect in all we do and we cannot say we will live in this world without committing a single sin. But what a Muslim must know is that he or she must not justify or even promote any act of evil. Even if one is unable to carry out acts of goodness for one reason or the other, the person must never promote evil. In fact, as a Muslim, you have to always fight evil in all its appearances.

In any society where there are Muslims or one in which Islam dominates, it is the cause of everyone to promote what is good and denounce what is bad or unfair. Even though as stated above, we are all humans and we will be faced with temptations, trials, and afflictions from time to time, we must always have the fear of Allah (SWT) in mind at all times. We must allow the rules of our Creator to inspire and guide our actions at all times. After all, that is what the idea of Al Amr Bil Maruf is all about.

Apply Justice in Your Dealings

From time to time, we may be under pressure to sway from the Straight Path of Islam but the doctrine of Al Amr Bil Maruf is always relevant. For Muslims who adhere to this concept, the first thing they have to do is to always apply justice in all their dealings. It is the responsibility of each Muslim to promote only good deeds and whenever he or she sees a wrong action, the person must not keep quiet. It is a cardinal part of the concept to promote good and denounce everything related to evil.

Apart from ensuring that you do not engage in any evil in your capacity, you are also going to preach goodness to others. In Islam, if you encourage others to do good, you are going to get rewards from Almighty Allah (SWT). This concept is one that Allah (SWT) has specially put in place for the benefit of the Ummah in particular and all of humanity in general. As a Muslim, you must shun all vices like indecency, bribery, corruption, slander, and so on. May Allah (SWT) make the affairs of all Muslims very easy, aameen.

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