The curse of beauty: Hidden truth not known to all

Psychology Yara Lotfy
curse of beauty
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The curse of beauty is not that common among people. We have all been through the phase in which we envy those who are attractive and deem beauty. Stereotypically, we think that they surely don’t suffer from a lack of attention, options, or praise. However, despite our skepticism, we find it hard to believe that anyone could be a goddess of beauty but very miserable. Indeed, there are uncommon problems that are inseparable from having a compelling face and body.

The Curse of beauty

Sad to say but, there is a curse of beauty that haunts the person from the early stages of life. A beautiful person rarely does any effort to attract others, or even to open casual conversation. Rather, the surrounding admirers crack random jokes, make plans and ideas just for a simple smile in return. A beautiful person is fated to wear an identity created from the outside, which challenges the process of having a self-made character. Rejection is not on the list for those walking with immense beauty. As a result, they end up with minimal experiences that help with growth, strength, and resilience.


People that have beautiful bodies and faces will put their trust on others. In other words, They fear that their admiration is not because of their personality. However, no one can ignore the exterior image of others, it can rarely be overshadowed. Attractive people want to feel appreciated and loved for who they are, not for how they look. But in these modern societies, our minds are filled with beauty standards. The curse of beauty prevents attractive people from trusting others. In a nutshell, they don’t believe that others love them for who they truly are on the inside.


The very attractive persons will always be an attraction to anyone in the surrounding area. However, less attractive people will not try to approach. The attractive person might want to get to know a specific person, but no one would imagine that they would be of interest to a beauty Resulting from the curse of beauty, any chance of a friendly remark will be less likely to happen.


People tend to stereotypically judge beautiful persons by presuming that they are not smart. They refuse to imagine the ones with an amazing exterior image analyzing Plato’s philosophy. The curse of beauty makes people stick to the idea that beauty can’t be mixed with intelligence. That would be way too good to be true for almost everyone. No one would want to believe that an astonishing look and intelligence can all land in one place. In a nutshell, the presumption of idiocy never goes away.


Their idealistic body remains a threat. Getting older, having wrinkles, and cracking knees terrify those overly beautiful beings. They will fear losing all the attention and praise received from others from their early life. Their worst nightmare will be becoming invisible to the admirers. They fear going from being so unattainable to walking as a cliche is a big no-no for them. At the end, those will be the ones who will seek the road of plastic surgery and intense body exercises to maintain their exterior look.

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