The example of a Believer is like a good tree

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Our lives are changing. No experience in this life is permanent. Rather each situation is temporary and these are often transformed. Likewise, every comfort and hardship in our lives does not last forever. In this regard, Allah says,

“If you are injured, they are also injured. And these days I rotate between people in turn.” (Al-Quran 3: 140)

If we look at the deep truth revealed in this verse, we will see that we are constantly experiencing this truth. With the justice of Allah, these situations change among mankind in such a way that no one can experience constant happiness. Again, no one experiences constant pain or sorrow.

For the believer, it is important to be aware of this changed situation in their life and to have the right attitude towards it. So that we can benefit from every situation and please Allah through them.

Similarities between a Believer and Palm Tree

“Do you not see how Allah sets forth a parable: The Holy Word is like a goodtree. Its roots are strong and its branches grow in the sky. It bears fruit at the command of its Lord. Allah sets forth parables for mankind, so that they may reflect.” (Al-Quran 14: 24-25)

Allah presents an example of the ‘good word’, which is the statement of faith (There is none worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger) that it is like a ‘good tree’. Which has certain qualities. According to many scholars of Interpreter of Quran, the ‘good tree’ with its specific qualities is a reference to the believer who affirms the statement of faith. Narrated Ibn `Umar that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

“There is a tree among the trees which is similar to a Muslim (in goodness), and that is the palm tree.” (Bukhari)

Allah has told us that it is not an ordinary tree. Rather it is a strong, sturdy tree, whose roots are deeply rooted in the soil. In the same way, the believer needs to work to establish a strong connection with Allah, to establish the roots of his faith deeply and firmly. Five daily prayers, recitation of the Quran, religious thoughts and study of the Prophet’s biography are some of the great ways to strengthen this root.

In the same way that a tree needs constant rain to grow and mature, so a believer needs water in his heart to increase his faith and build strength. And obedience to Allah is like water for the heart.

In the end, this tree always benefits people. As Allah says, it always bears fruit regardless of the weather or seasons and benefits the environment and it does so at the behest of its Lord. In the same way, a believer’s faith is deeply rooted in his heart and by faith he always becomes a source of benefit to the people around him. Rain or thunder, wind or storm, summer or winter – the tree always bears regular fruit. Like this quality, the believer always benefits people. No matter how difficult the situation in his life, he never deviates from this quality of benefiting people.

Believer possessing a tender heart

In another hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said,

“The example of a believer is like a soft grain, wherever the wind blows, the leaves of the grain sway. When the wind stops, it becomes still. The believer is also swayed by various calamities. And the example of the disbeliever is like a fir tree, which is firm (the wind cannot shake him) and finally Allah uproots him whenever He wills.” (Bukhari)

That is, from time to time in the life of this world, various calamities, sufferings, etc. come upon the believer. Through these also the believer receives immense goodness from Allah and special kindness and mercy. In this, his sins are forgiven. His rank is exalted in the sight of Allah. The lack of deeds and worship is compensated. Those who are fortunate servants, their spiritual condition improves.Then Allah removes their sorrows and calamities and fills them with His blessings.

And Allah gives respite to the disbelievers. He enjoys a lot of comfort in the world. There is nothing for him in the Hereafter except pain and suffering. Finally, when

Allah intends to destroy him, He confronts him with a horrible death, and decides for him eternity of torment and punishment.

May Allah grant us to acquire these qualities. Ameen.