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3D Printing
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The technology of 3D printing seems to be no novelty in 2021. This, however is only because we are acquainted with only a limited spectre of its potential applicability. Things like fashion accessory objects, craft items and 3D printed car parts have become quite common in the sphere. But what can we expect in the future of its development ?

Architectural designs done on 3D printing

Well, an enticing project in the area are fully 3D printed houses. It might come as a surprise, but this technology has already been developed to a large extent. Quite some projects have been successfully brought to life in various parts of the world. China for one, has planned out many of such constructions which plan to reduce building prices and thus, hoping even to bring down the rates of homelessness in the future.

This also opens the potential for more impressive architectural designs. As computer generated houses require much less effort to create oblique and curvilinear shapes. These, naturally, will also be much cheaper, considering that the difficulty for 3D printers would be almost the same as for a regular house, so stock up on ideas! The future in housing is upon us.

3D printing used in medical world

One of the most impressive uses for 3D printing however, is without a doubt the creation of artificial organs. That’s right, fully functional printed organs soon to replace the need for human organ-donors. Scientists claim that the array of possibilities for the human body is vast. Currently, there have already been successful transplants of prosthetic bladders and kidneys in patients around the world. A functional 3D printed heart has been developed in ETH – Zurich, and the developments are becoming progressively more ambitious.

Prospective projects aim to recreate all other vital organs, even including certain parts of the complex human brain. Indeed, you haven’t misread. And though this latter technology is still in relatively early stages of development, we can expect most vital human organs to begin commercial production in the soonest time.

Time for space too?

Now we’ve mentioned 3D printing car parts, but what if we tossed aside our grounded conceptions and actually aimed for the stars ? If you’ve interpreted this figure of speech literally, then you’ve guessed correctly. California-based scientists are already successfully projecting the launch of fully 3D printed space rockets. The idea of 3D printing these spacecrafts aims to speed up construction and significantly lower the price of construction! Moreover, the incorporation of AI systems into these rockets promises to find potential building and design flaws, making space travel safer for everyone.

These are only some of the more foreseeable developments in 3D printing technology, many more impressive innovations are indubitably on the way. The applicability is certainly very wide, soon to transform many jobs as we know them and direct construction workers to a more of a surveillance type job rather than the original, hands on experience. We can only start to imagine the type of changes that these inventions are yet to bring to our technologically bustling world.


(Written by Hussein Al-Bahir)

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