The importance and the need of Allah’s Mercy

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Allah's mercy
Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

Of the 99 names of Allah, we mostly use Al-Rahman and Ar-Rahim in our supplications and prayers. Both Ar-Rahaman and Ar-Rahim are derived from the Arabic word “Rahma”, meaning “compassion and mercy”. Yusuf Ali says that Ar-Rahaman and Ar-Rahim mean “The most Gracious, the Most Merciful” and Pickthall translates it as” The beneficent, the Merciful”.

Allah’s Mercy is limitless that will astonish us beyond words. But unfortunately, most of us take Allah’s Mercy for granted. Quran says,

“Do not despair the mercy of Allah”

Allah’s Mercy and the fragile world

The Qur’an frequently draws our attention towards the nature of the world. So let us think about this fragile world for a moment.

We come through the dangers of pollutions, ozone depletion, and the need to provide a comfortable environment to our children, and so on. Various TV programs and books about the wonders of the universe and nature arouse our curiosity. We live in a universe that is constantly changing. The forces around us are riskily balanced that the smallest move can disturb the balance of the universe and could kill us all.

Life against all odds

Indeed, scientists say that human life exists on a very narrow margin. To demonstrate how narrow that margin is, let’s imagine a wrapped orange in plastic Clingfilm as our planet Earth. And let’s suppose the thickness of the Clingfilm is the atmosphere.

Nearly everyone thinks that the earth is solid. But the crust of the earth is much thinner than the skin of the orange on which our continents are located. The crust is made up of minerals and solid rocks. Beneath the crust is boiling molten rocks and the mantle.

And all living creatures on the earth are like bacteria and dust on the surface of this orange. They are not visible without a microscope.

Allah’s Mercy and dangers around us

Just imagine, we have oceans of molten lava and thousands of miles of boiling liquid miles below our feet. And above us, only a few miles deep we have a thin skin of breathable air. Over that, we have a complete vacuum.

The sun is 93 million miles away from the earth. Just imagine that! When our Earth gets a little closure to the sun we feel hot and when it moves away from the sun we feel cold. Astronomers and scientists tell us that the dangers are so great and the probabilities of survival are so small. These are all the wonders of Allah the Almighty.

Faith and mercy

We as Muslims believe that our existence on this planet is due to Allah’s mercy, glorified, and exalted as He. In Quran Allah says,

“So observe the effects of the mercy of Allah- how he gives life to the earth after its lifelessness. Indeed, that [same one] will give life to the dead, and He is over all things competent.”

Brothers and sisters let us thanks Allah that He keeps our existence on the knife-edge and thanks to Him for His grace and mercy.


(Written by freelancer Sadaf Riaz)