The importance of looking after your emotional wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing Contributor
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Looking after our emotional wellbeing is hugely important for us. It has a very strong influence on so many different parts of our lives.

As much as sometimes we might think that time management is the most effective method of being organised, if we are not feeling emotionally stable, even managing time and bringing ourselves to work on the tasks on our to-do list can prove to be very difficult.

How we are feeling emotionally affects our productivity, as when we are feeling happier and more positive it will enable us to be more productive. In the same way, when we are overcome by negative emotions it can hinder our level of productivity.

What matters to emotional wellbeing?

Our emotional wellbeing is indeed influenced by our diet, so it is crucial for us to be aware of what we are eating. When we make a habit of eating foods that are unhealthy and make us feel less energetic, that will of course have a negative effect on our mood too.

We can try to make regular exercise a part of our routines, as it is a good way for us to refresh our minds, calm down, and reduce feelings of stress. Even if this means just walking to the shops in order to get some fresh air, it will help us to feel better.

In taking care of our emotional wellbeing, we should make ourselves aware of what we generally can and can’t cope with in life. The more we are aware of these things and the more we make a conscious effort to set limits for ourselves, the less chances there will be of us pushing ourselves over these limits. Sometimes we can forget about ourselves, such as when we are helping other people. As much as it is important to help others, we should also be aware of our own health and emotions. When we ourselves are feeling stable it will enable us to be more helpful to others too.

Why does it matter?

Being kind to others certainly does improve our emotional wellbeing, as we realise the good we can do and the positivity we can spread. Being able to help others is also something we should be grateful for because it is a great way to build on our good deeds too.

For example, perhaps we may have a neighbour who is unwell and going through a difficult time, just through sending over some food to their house, we could be helping them more than we know. When they find some peace from what we do for them, we will gain rewards for this.

We could also make a list of the things we like. This will help us, especially when we are feeling down, because we will be able to refer to the list and choose something that might help us emotionally. The list may not necessarily include extravagant things, as sometimes simple things like speaking to a friend or family member can make a huge difference to how we feel.

May Allah enable us to take care of our emotional wellbeing and may we remember to seek His help and rely ultimately on Him. Aameen. Indeed, He has power over all things.

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