The Incredibility of Holy Zamzam Well

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There are many sacred sites in Islam and of all these sites, the Holy Zamzam (Zam Zam) Well is one of the most outstanding. It is clearly unlike any other well on earth. Every year, millions of Muslims who visit Mecca for the Holy Pilgrimage look forward to their time at the Zam Zam Well and take from its blessed water. Not a few of these pilgrims bottle the water and take it with them when returning to their native countries. For those who do not know, this is not a modern thing, the Zam Zam Well has been revered since the days of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The Zamzam Well is located right within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

It is situated to the east of the Kaaba which is the holiest place in Islam. Traditions in the faith have it that the source of Zamzam happened miraculously upon the command of Allah (SWT). The water itself sprang on its thousands of years back in time when the son (Isma’il) of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was left thirsty and in tears with his mother Hajar in the middle of the desert. Zamzam well is so sacred and beloved that millions of Muslims performing the pilgrimage yearly cannot wait to drink from it and there are reasons for that.

It was when Hajar was making attempts in the scorching desert to get water that Allah (SWT) in His infinite mercy revealed the Zamzam Well to her.

It was based on the instructions of Allah (SWT), that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had left Hajar and the son (Is’mail) at the area in the desert and left. Hence, she was in a panicked mood and seriously looking for water to give her infant child. But because Mecca is located in the middle of one of the driest areas in the world, she could not get water.

In her anxiety, she ran back and forth the dry valley between the hills of Safa and Marwah seven times. As the child got thirstier with time, he scratched the land with his legs and in an instant, water gushed out. The name of the well stems from an interesting phrase ‘zome zome’ which means ‘stop flowing’. When Hajar returned and saw the water springing from the ground, she said ‘stop flowing’ in a bid to control the gushing water.

Islamic tradition also revealed to us that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) reconstructed the Ka’aba in a place close to the Zam Zam Well. Today, all Muslims in various parts of the world face the Ka’aba whenever they are praying five times daily. The water of Zamzam is not only spiritually blessed, but it also has some interesting physical characteristics.

Even though the water has no colour or smells, like regular water, it has its unique taste and also has some degree of alkalinity. Many believers have also reported getting healed upon taking the water from this blessed well. The Zamzam Well remains a symbol of hope for all Muslims and one that makes us know Allah (SWT) will always provide for us even when we least expect it. May Allah (SWT) strengthen us in all our affairs, aameen.

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