The Inspiring Story of Tahera Rahman!

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Tahera Rahman
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Islam places a lot of value on women and it is no surprise that the faith has many inspiring stories of the female folk. From the time of our mothers in Islam, Khadijah, and Aisha to the modern era of Ibtihaj Muhammed, Muslim women have always been trailblazers. Talking of modern female Muslim pioneers and trailblazers, one name that readily comes to mind is that of Tahera Rahman.

Before Tahera Rahman burst onto the scene, there was no female journalist in the United States of America who had worn the hijab before while on duty on air.

But on the 8th of February, 2018, everything changed. It was that day that Tahera Rahman delivered her first on-air broadcast while working in the role of a journalist for WHBF which focuses on Iowa and Illinois region. That was not supposed to be a big deal but her broadcast soon grabbed the attention of millions across the globe.

It was that day that she made history as the first broadcast television reporter working full-time in the United States to wear a hijab while broadcasting on the air.

It was a momentous time for the broadcasting industry and more importantly, for Muslims. For this American Muslim woman, it was a dream that came true, she had always had the ambition of becoming a television reporter using her hijab. She had worked at the same station for a couple of years in the production unit but her main dream was to stand before the cameras.

But that said, it was not an easy feat for her. When she came up with her passionate dream, many people told her that it is impossible. Some told her that America is not the place where news anchors can wear hijabs. Her disappointment became even greater when those she saw as her role models told her to forget about the idea.

However, her faith and hope in Allah (SWT) never changed, she remained steadfast and resilient even in the hardest of times.

She never lost focus on the fact that being a Muslim should not stop her from achieving her dream career. She was also determined to let everyone know she is not going to be stopped from maximising her potentialities because she is a Muslim. Therefore, when the opportunity came for the employment of an on-air reporter at the station, she did not waste time before applying.

She prepared herself very well for the job and she got it based on merit. Following the first broadcast that she made with the broadcast wearing her hijab, news quickly spread around the globe. She was rightly described as a figure of inspiration and empowerment for Muslim and non-Muslim girls and women all over the globe. Her story tells us that our beautiful faith of Islam does not stop us from achieving our dreams for the benefit of humanity and the sake of Allah (SWT). May Almighty Allah (SWT) bring ease unto our affairs.