The Material Ideals of this Dunya are Temporary

Quran Contributor
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We read in a hadith:

Umar ibn al-Khattab reported: I entered the room of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, while he was lying on his side over a mat. I sat down as he drew up his lower garment and he was not wearing anything else. The mat had left marks on his side. I looked at the Prophet’s cupboard and I saw a handful of barely in a small amount, the same of mimosa leaves in the corner, and a leather bag hanging to the side. My eyes started to tear up, and the Prophet said, “What makes you weep, son of Khattab?” I said, “O Prophet of Allah, why should I not cry that this mat has left marks on your side and I see little in this cupboard? Caesar and Khosrau live among fruits and springs, while you are the Messenger of Allah and His chosen, yet this is your cupboard.” The Prophet said, “O son of Khattab, are you not pleased that they are for us in the Hereafter and for them in the world?” I said, “Of course.” (Sahih Muslim)

This hadith draws our attention to how trivial and temporary worldly things are. We will be happy with these ideals for a short while but they will not bring us ultimate success.

The hadith also reminds us to be more careful about the amount of time and effort we put into worldly things. It helps us to think carefully about how we use our time, and that putting all of our time into chasing our careers and other worldly goals, whilst neglecting our Deen, will not be good for us.

So What Reflection Can We Have From It

When we reflect on the hadith, it also puts into perspective the importance of the Hereafter in comparison to that of the Dunya. The next life eternal, so it is certainly more important for us to prepare for that life.

We are also reminded by the Prophet (SAW)’s words in this hadith that we do not need to feel despair when we are in a struggling situation, as Allah rewards us for the patience we bear. We strive to learn more about the Prophet (SAW)’s life and it prevents us from becoming so concerned about the rich and famous of this world. Ultimately, everything in this world is temporary.

May Allah enable us to remember that the materials things of this world are temporary and the Hereafter is more important for us.