The Power of the Power Suit

Style Contributor

The power suit trend is back in full force this year but it goes beyond the traditional stiff pantsuit women wear back in the day for work purposes. Designers have given us options in terms of form, function, and style to match our sensibilities.

You’ve got the corporate connotations, the voluminous luxe blazers paired with wide-leg trousers, or even laid-back silhouettes for a more relaxed occasion.

Pair your suit with a plain white tee or sneakers to dress it down, or rock it with a pair of heels to up your lady boss vibes. Or, you can choose to modernize the pantsuit by matching contrasting jackets and trousers for an unexpected yet polished finish or even pair the jacket with a skirt.

Style it with a hijab or a turban, work the suit in print or plain, the choice is yours. But one thing’s for sure – a stylish power suit is empowering.

Here are some stylish power suit inspirations:

Photo: Net-a-porter (Instagram)



Photo: Topshop (Instagram)



Photo: Victoria Beckham (Instagram)



Photo: Zara (Instagram)



Photo: Primark (Instagram)